Need recommendations for small/medium wallet please...

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  1. I own and love large ziparound wallet but in need to small and medium wallet. I bought small bifold in picture but the card slots are very tight and difficult to use so sadly it is going back. Any recommendations of small or medium wallets with coin slot and billfold?

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  2. I have this one. It's a great medium size wallet. Lots of room.

    new sutton signature compact clutch
    The sophisticated look of the Signature Cs, with smart leather trim and unbelievable interior organization.
    Signature fabric with leather trim
    Credit card pockets and bill compartments
    Gusseted zipper pocket
    Fabric lining
    Snap closure
    5 ½” (L) x 4” (H)
  3. I just got the madison dotted op art medium wallet in mahogany, and I absolutely loved it. I got it to go with the madison shoulder bag. Before that, I was carrying a poppy demi clutch, which is fairly large. I was concerned about the size of the medium wallet when I first ordered it, but yesterday, I switched out all my stuff, and it fits beautifully. The slots are not too tight, and it has additional slots for receipts, and other small things. I highly recommend it.
  4. I had the same problem with a soho pleated coach wallet. I went back to using my mini skinny in a wristlet. unfortunately I got it off ebay and can't return it.
  5. I think that small bi-fold wallet is one of the worst wallets ever made. LOL! I owned a Madison one in the berry color and sold it because it was so useless. The cards don't fit in the slots and once you fill it up with what little fits in that wallet you can barely snap it shut. That wallet is too tiny to be functional.

    I think you went from nice big zip around wallet (my latest obsession) to wimpy bi-fold wallet without exploring anything in between. Any medium sized wallet would be much more functional than that wallet. Just looking at all the medium sized wallets on the Coach website, any of those are way better.
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    I have the Madison medium Op Art wallet, and in my opinion, I think it is a perfect size. Not too big, but big enough to still be useful and fit a decent amount of cards. There are some cute medium Madisons on the website.
  7. These wallets are nice but they are way to small.. even for someone that carries little..
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    I'm just using the Poppy ID holder. I don't carry cash, I use my ID and my debit card + 1 CC. All the rest of my cards are in my universal case and I'll eventually move some over when I get the medium skinny - these have interior card slots that make them a bit more useful than the regular skinnies.

    I like the small wallets, the card slots eventually loosened up for me and it's nice for my smaller bags.

    The Poppy + Legacy combo wallet seems nice, it's not quite a medium wallet but looks bigger than the small. Plus the interior isn't leather which helps with the tight fitting card slots imo. You can see pics in LuvsElvis' thread titled "A pop of metal"
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