Need recommendations for everyday bag....

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  1. I am getting a Black GST, I am returning the Cotton Club tote ( I love the color, blue, but it is WAY to heavy for me to cart around everyday as most of the time I am also carrying a 27 lb. toddler!)
    I want something for "everyday", not too heavy (so Im thinking NO chains), durable, and stylish?
    Any recommendations?
  2. Does it have to be Chanel?

    I also have a 26# toddler. Had the Jumbo Classic flap, but it wasn't big enough for me. I mostly use a Louis Vuitton Batignolles Horizontal and just ordered a Jimmy Choo Ramona (sorry, I know this is a Chanel forum but couldn't help it!).

    Chanel-wise, shoulder bags... Baby Cabas, Cambon Reporter, or GST seem to come to mind. I'm sure the ladies here can recommend more. The ultimate soft line has a few large bags that I've never seen IRL, but it might need more TLC.
  3. What about the Medallion Tote?
  4. GST is heavy too. I believe.. Is the cotton club tote heavy?! Which one is heavier? GST or the Large Cotton Club Tote?!!
  5. I would suggest the Vintage Ligne Square Tote. The handle drop is longer than the GST, and the bag is lighter. There is a zippered pocket on the outside that I use for my keys, as well as pockets on the inside for your cell and whatever else you need. These are a little difficult to find in the boutiques anymore, but you can sometimes find one on ebay for a decent price. The shoulder straps are braided with a tiny chain, but the VST is so durable, it might be a good choice for you.