Need recommendations for a video/dvd

  1. So I started going to the gym again....goal is 3x a week, and eating "slightly" better....making a few healthier choices

    anyways, for the few days I can't make it to the gym or when it suits my schedule better, I wanted to try a video or dvd at home...something for cardio, but I'm not sure which one to buy....I was going to buy it from Amazon, but was hoping for some recommendations first...I have no idea :confused1:

  2. I have a pretty decent one from Crunch - it's called Cardio Sculpt and it's 30 mins of cardio & weights. I also like Kickbox Boot camp from the 10-minute solutions series. The Biggest Loser workout has 4 different workouts on it. The bootcamp is particularly challenging.
  3. yeah someone i work with does the biggest loser dvd's and raves about them...i'm checking it out on Amazon right now

    i'll check the crunch's dvd as well, thanks
  4. I like yoga booty ballet...I also just tried the Girls Next Door workout, just the Bunny Bootcamp with Bridget. My usual workout is running 3 miles so I didn't expect anything that said bunny to be challenging, but it got me sweating and out of breath and my booty is still sore 2 days later lol
  5. Great question!!

    Anyone else have any suggestions? I've tried Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease (fun but not so challenging), Slim in 6 Weeks (pretty great, but not aerobic enough), Dance off the inches (where I discovered I have two left feet), and women's health train for your body type (never touched it.)

    I'm also looking for something fun that will get/keep me motivated those days that I just can't make it to the gym.
  6. Hip Hop Abs!
  7. i just ordered the biggest loser, the first volume...i'll let you know how it is once i get it and try it out
  8. What is your fitness level? I found the reviews at very helpful when I was trying to decide. The two Kathy Smith videos I got based on their reviews were from the 80's and appropriately cheesy for the time period but I actually do them.
  9. I like the Cardio Striptease. To me, a workout has to be fun, or I don't want to do it. I could either spend an hour on the elliptical machine or do the DVD.

    Maybe get one that instructs you on a certain type of dance.
  10. i heard the cardio striptease isn't very much cardio....i need to really break a sweat and be pushed!
  11. Check out
    It is entirely devoted to workout dvds and videos. You can search by exercise type, goals, levels, etc. I've gotten some great yoga dvds from them.
  12. I just started doing Prevention's 3-2-1 Circuit workout and it's a pretty good workout. I also have Turbo Jam (fun), a lot of FIRM DVDs (challenging but good), Kathy Smith Project You (good but gets boring after a while), and the first two Biggest Loser DVDs (like them a lot). The key is finding something you'll like and use. I get bored easily and I like to switch them up.
  13. And you can also preview a clip of each workout they carry :tup:
  14. I'm a huge fan of the Turbo Jam series...