Need Recommendations for a leather work bag

  1. I need help! I'm searching for a leather tote style bag that I can use for work. I would like for the bag to double as a nice handbag as well. This is what I generally bring with me to work:
    • 6-8 file folders
    • 2 notepads
    • small cosmetic case
    • PDA
    I would like a bag that is lightweight and can withstand the harsh New England weather. I'm 5 feet 2 inches and would like a bag that isn't too big and overwhelming for a short person....My price range is between $300 to $400. thanks.

  2. Any color or material -- leather, canvas, etc. -- preference?
  3. Chris,
    Have you seen the Hayden Harnett Sonia tote? Here is a link to the Luna Boston page:

    It is $540 retail, but you can use the code luckybreaks3 for 25% off, and that puts it in your range. There are some nice colors available, and I believe they offer free ground shipping. Hope that helps!