Need recommendation on a watch,please

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  1. I want to buy a watch to be a Christmas gift for my BF. I have a budget of around $2000 (1,000 GBP). Which watch do you think is a great one on my budget? I am not interested in Tag Heuer.

    I'm considering LV watch. What do you think? I also open to other choices. Thank you!:flowers:
  2. Omega do a good 'boys toy' watch,the Seamaster,called the James bond watch in the trade,you can get it in three or four sizes from ladies up to large gents,and its available with an automatic movement,or quartz if your budget is a little smaller,it was very popular when I was last in the trade(2 yrs ago) and is a lovely looking watch without being overly masculine and gimmicky,its good points are=
    sapphire crystal,srcew down crown(winder)so its very waterproof,high grade stainless steel,(wears very well) And the bracelets are always well constructed and also are good at standing the test of time(sorry no pun intended!) They tend to be a little more classic than TAG whose designs do change a little more frequently,that is not to say TAG watches are no good, some people like the fact thier brand is always changing and evolving styles,other people don't really, its just a matter of taste,horses for courses as the old saying goes!Have a look at their website and see what you think, you may find your partner would not like them and decide to keep looking' I always used to find that its very difficult for other people to buy someone else a watch as a suprise as they are an incredibly personal thing, my best heart felt advice would be-do a little groundwork by picking a couple of styles and brands you think he might like and then take him and let him choose,set it up with a good jeweller who will also 'get in on the act' to make it a special occasion,then have something else planned for the rest of the day and make it a lovely day to remember! He would probably really enjoy it, I think he would really appreciate the trouble you have gone to,and having the luxury of choosing a watch himself is truly not 'copping out',I think it shows your trust in his taste too! Men do like shopping, I think you just have to make it a bit easier for them,bless!!
  3. Thank you Chaz :smile: I'll try to look at some Omega watches.
  4. Omega Seamaster or Speedmaster. He'll love it.
  5. Omega speedmaster! My DH loves has it and loves it!
  6. I like Baume Mercier, msrp ranges anywhere from $1500 to over $10,000 but you can find them discounted by up to 40% on various websites (we bought my husband's on O...stock and it was definitely authentic) and even more if you use coupons. B&M has a wide variety of choice including both quartz and automatic movements as well as chronographs which are beautifully made.
  7. I'll try to search for it as my BF don't like Omega watches at all. Thanks a lot! :tup:
  8. if Omega won't do, Hamilton watches are also quite nice!
  9. I think omega is a good choice too for your budget. Alternatively, u can look around the pre-loved market for some vintage watch pieces like Rolex.

    But frankly i would rather spend the money on myself lol. Before i got married, i was v careful about buying expensive stuffs for guys. Cos relationships can be v unpredictable
  10. If he likes good watches,why not try Breitling? I used to find when I was in the trade that if a guy was'nt sold on Omega,Tag and could'nt quite stretch to a Rolex or felt they looked a little 'old',then a Breitling would fill the 'gap' fantastically!!! There was some quartz models available that came in at a good price range( they may have gone up a little,it was about 18 months since I left the trade to be home with Sophie,but by not much I reckon)UK sterling approx £975,would that be too much converted over? As a previous lady mentioned you could go down the pre-owned route,thathwould give you access to a good watch without a big price tag,over here in the UK some of our jewellers do hold and sell on pre-owned watches.Good luck!!!
  11. Longines also has some nice watches for men.