Need recommendation for whole coffee beans

  1. I bought my sister's husband a schmancy coffeemaker for Christmas that he wanted. I'd like to buy him some whole beans to accompany the gift. Any recommendations? He's not picky (usually he drinks coffee a la Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks) but I'd like to get him some special beans for Christmas.

    Please help, I'm not a coffee drinker, so I have no idea! Thanks!
  2. What a great gift! I only buy whole coffee beans, because it tastes so much better!

    I usually coffee beans it from the farmer's market, otherwise I buy Dunkin Donuts (they have it at the grocery store now!), Seattle's Best or Trader Joe's. Most grocery stores have an assortment of coffee beans in self-serve bins. Those are usually pretty good. Do you know what kinds of flavors he likes? Most coffee people like french roast if you're unsure...

    One tip to pass along to him is: Don't pre-grind it. Keep the beans whole, wrap the package up in a Ziplock and store it in the freezer... It will stay fresh forever!!!
  3. I love the self serve at Henry's Marketplace. CookieDoodle is my favorite.
  4. Head to Sweet Maria's in Oakland. I've not had their coffee, as we have a few local roasters in Chicago, but the reviews I have read are very good. They do fresh roasted coffee of the week:

    This page gives their shop location:

    My favorite beans in Chicago are from Intelligentsia; Black Cat espresso:

    Another good gift would be a FoodSaver Vac, etc. I use the canister on my FoodSaver to keep my beans fresher, it takes a good month for me to finish a pound, and coffee is best up to two weeks after roasting.
  5. I use the STARBUCKS breakfast blend beans...
  6. Peets is my favorite - aren't there some stores in SF? Several in Oakland and Sacramento. You can buy them online also - very rich and yummy. I highly recommend it for coffee lovers.
  7. my mother uses that too, and since he likes Starbucks coffee he might appreciate their beans?
  8. Peet's is the best in the SF Bay Area.

    Smaller excellent roasters in SF: Philz, and Blue Bottle.
  9. Jamaican blue mountain coffee beans. hands down the best. ever.
  10. I'm addicted to Starbucks and I buy their whole beans and grind them up at home for some really great fresh coffee! They have a lot of flavors to choose from, as well as their boldness, so I would try something from there if your husband already likes Starbucks!
  11. One hundred percent pure Kona coffee is my favorite (blends just aren't the same) and a total treat for a coffee lover. :drool: Its mellow and smooth enough to drink it black which is something I cannot do with any other type of coffee. :yes: I'm pretty sure most places will sell at least one variety...