Need recommendation for mole remover

  1. I have a few benign moles (already saw the doc who said they were just benign and cosmetic and would cost me $300) ... so I started searching for a natural safe remover I could myself. There are lots of them. I have read not to use the blood root kind so would like a recommendation if anyone has used one that works well.
  2. I think I have the same thing. Are they skin-colored and on your face? That's where mine are and the dermatologist recommended just leaving them. I was disappointed. If there's something I can use on my own, I'd love to give it a try.
  3. Are they darker-colored spots? I heard that removers only work temporarily -- you'll eventually have to redo them. After you use the remover, you can regularly apply hyperpigmentation treatments (skin lightener stuff) to keep it from coming back too soon. I don't know what brands there are, but you can always try a few non-upscale salons - get 'em removed for about $10 per mole.
  4. my herbalist told me to try http://www.itworkspaste and YES, this stuff does work. My husband used it first and his mole has never come back. I just used it on mine too, so it's too early to tell on me. It's super easy to do. You just put the paste on after you prep your mole and then wipe it off after 20 minutes. It kills that sucker quick!
  5. My moles are dark brown in color - not the skin colored ones. Can you tell me how the itworkspaste actually works on the mole? How long till it falls off and then what do you do?
  6. I would like to know more about this product..........

    I have recently had some clear colored moles appear above my lip area and I can some what hide them w/ powder.

    But when I went to my Dr. they also told me they couldn't remove them ~ not sure why? I've had this Dr. remove lots of dark colored moles. Why don't they want to remove the clear ones?

    I am seriously thinking about ordering this product but would like to know a bit more.

    Is this product for the slightly flat clear moles type?

    Any info would be appreciated. Or maybe I just need to find another Dr. to have these clear one's removed. They just appeared recently and I don't like them!!!!!!
  7. The itworkspaste I think only works if the moles are raised, but works great if they are a little raised. I tried it on one that was kinda flat and it did work, but worked better on the raised one.
  8. No offense guys but this thread seems suspicious. There is nothing that is a natural remedy that will remove a mole. Looks like advertising to me.
  9. What i've noticed between American dermatologists, they don't remove moles often and when they do, it's such a costly procedure.

    Mole removing is a really common procedure in Korea. you sit in the chair and all the moles on your face are laser'd off (Feels like a rubberband on your skin)...takes about 10 minutes and the entire face is about~$300 for the entire procedure!
    Days later the scabs fall off and voila, fresh clean skin..
    I wonder why this practice isn't very common in the states?

    And I agree with pinksuedesoho. seems suspicious!
  10. Oh, I wish it was like that here! I would give anything to have my moles removed, especially in such an easy way.
  11. eeeeeeeeeeeeek, I am getting two moles removed via the plastic surgeon on Thursday am freaking out! Go to the doctor for raised moles. My derm is going to try and laser off some flat ones for me. Please don't go and try to paste your moles away. That doesn't seem safe. No product on the market can do that. They need to be treated by a professional.
  12. Shoegal, stop freakin, you'll be fine :yes:
  13. ^^^I never had a problem getting moles removed when I was in the States. I'm not sure why you would think that? If they think a mole is suspicious looking they won't hesitate to remove it. :idea:
  14. LOL, Thanks Bella, I am trying I really am. I had 4 wisdom teeth removed in one day~ and did it awake, so compared to that, this has to be cake!
  15. WOAH!!! now that is brave! :wtf: