Need recomendations for a swingpack or crossbody bag :)

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  1. Hey Girls! I'm heading to Ireland in March and I need a small/midsize bag that I can tote around comfortably. I have tons of shoulder bags and satchels but I really want something that will keep both my hands free. Can you point me in the right direction? :smile:
  2. Depending on how much you plan on carrying with you, I would suggest either a Duffle that has the long adjustable strap (so you can convert it to shoulder carry or lengthened for crossbody carry) which can carry quite a few items or the Swingpack which also has an adjustable strap but the purse compartment is pretty small (fits only your essentials). I have both styles in my collection depending on my situation. How much are you planning on bringing with you? They also have a style called "File Bag" which also has an adjustable strap and is more like a Duffle size but the materials used are lighter in weight (usually not as nice as the Duffles). But I've only seen these "File Bags" in the Coach Outlets or on eBay. I don't think they have any currently on Good luck in finding what you need for your trip! Have a great time!
  3. I like the medium bleecker duffles that you can wear cross-body. I also bought a hamptons hippie that is outlet only and I really like that bag because it's bigger than a swingpack (and I can fit my regular wallet in there) and is still slim so it doesn't stick out much, it's also only $175

    here is the bleecker.. in this pic the strap is doubled but it can be made really long too..


    there is no drilldown pic of the hamptons hippie but here's mine :smile:


    on the opposite side there is a outside pocket to slip things into that is nice and handy!
  4. I love that hamptons hippie!!!!

  5. What is the style number to the Hamptons Hippie and what Outlet did you purchase it at. Thanks in advance. Liz
  6. As for a Hippie I recommend the Ergo Cross Body No. 10746. It costs $278 and there are a few in Jacksonville warehouse in tobacco and black. Please see my pictures below of my bag.
    IMG0001_33.jpg IMG0004_4.jpg IMG0002_6.jpg
  7. I bought my Mom that Ergo Crossbody and she loves it! We went to New York City and she used it for the first time and it was perfect for walking around the city. It's big enough for all your stuff but it's not too big that it sticks out. Thats my suggestion too!

  8. I'd recommend this one! The cost is great for a leather bag and it's gorgeous! The hampton's hippie is awesome too!
  9. I just ordered the flat messenger bag with a strap which can be adjusted to 54". I do not have a way to post a picture but I first found it by typing in satchels on the Coach website but it is also in the travel business section. It is a simple design of 13'x13'' in a chestnut color I believe. It has pockets I need and I am hoping this will answer my Coach needs. So many of my bags slip right off my shoulder and it is an annoyance to walk down the street while constantly hiking it up on my shoulder. There is also one called a transatlantic bag. For traveling this might be a good size.

  10. The style number is F11193

    On the tag it says HMP CLA SG HIPPE Khaki/Mahogany

    It also came in a dark blue signature

    I got it at the factory store in San Marcos, TX
  11. The older soft duffles are also great for cross body. You could probably find one pretty easily on eBay.

    I tried the bleeker duffle crossbody, but the unfinished side of the strap as uncomfortable and kept catching on my clothes.
  12. Thank you so much for all the suggestions! I think I'm gonna check out the Ergo. Thanks again for such a quick response!