Need reassurance

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  1. Hey ladies. So i have the biba hobo whice I ordered from bluefly :confused1: ...after hearing all the authenticity problems with them it had me shaky. Then i posted pics of it on here....everyone agreed it was authentic but thenn after about only a week two of the rivets/studs unscrewed and came i brought it to the Gucci store and they repaired it for no charge ( I told them it was given as a gift). My question is, do u think its possible my bag is fake even though gucci repaired it. should I just send it back and get a refund from bluefly?
  2. I seriously doubt Gucci would have repaired it if it wasn't authentic. Just relax and enjoy your bag, I'm sure it's perfect!!
  3. Thats funny, this morning I was on NM and checking out Gucci bags and decided that style was my favorite, the white biba hobo. Can you post a pic?

  4. Yes its definitely my favorite too which I why I don't want to get rid of it but I refuse to carry a fake bag so I'm going through mass confusion right now lol. I'm at work but when I get home I'll definitely post some pics again!
  5. If Gucci repaired it for you, I think it should be authentic?

  6. I would hope so but maybe they did'nt check it out thoroughly? thats basically my concern

  7. Sorry I took so long LOREBUNDE I had completely forgot to post the pics, here they are!

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  8. I compared the stitching, zippers and zipper pulls to my Amalfi (from Saks) that I literally had in my lap as I was comparing it to your pictures and they are identical.

    I don't know what it will take to convince you that a)Your bag is a REAL Gucci and B) That Bluefly made some mistakes a while back and learned some hard lessons. If you simply can't believe it's the real deal, perhaps you should consider selling it?......:shrugs:
  9. divadarlinn, the bag looks authentic. And I agree with the other gals, Gucci WOULD NOT have repaired it if it was not authentic.

    How are the red sneakers holding out? I hope a pair pops up on ebay in my size.
  10. Your bag is def. real. I can spot a fake a mile away. It's like it screams, "hey I look cheap." Don't worry, gucci would be able to tell right away if it was fake and would not have repaired it. BTW Love your bag!:smile:
  11. ok thanks girls! I feel a lot better now. ELONGREACH, the red sneakers are doing great, they always get complimented and they are on sale at gucci for $210 now so you should definitely get a pair!
  12. Sounds like you got the reassurance you needed...hope you can now enjoy your gorgeous bag worry-free!!!!!!!!!