Need Really Yummy Lasagna Recipe!

  1. For some reason I have decided to make lasagna for Christmas eve, which is hysterical as I am the most vile cook on the planet. But I need a recipe! Please, does anyone have a fool proof one?

  2. If you want an EASY and tasty lasagna, go to Costco and get the Kirkland Signature Meat Lasagna in the freezer section. (Round it off with the garlic bread in the freezer, side salad with italian dressing and voila!). Pop the lasagna in the oven for 2 hours... yummy. It serves 6-8 people, is surprisingly really good, and is about $13. I served this at my son's 2yr b-day and it was gone!
  3. i was just looking at this's got step by step illustrations as well which is great :tup:.

    i haven't tried it myself so i can't vouch for it but it sounds good IMO-my family tends to go for less traditional lasagnas so unfortunately i don't have a personal recipe to offer :sad:.

  4. Too funny, typical doctor! :pGood suggestion, Costco is pretty good..

  5. That not only sounds great, the author is hysterical!

  6. WOW! What a website!! Thats awesome! However, I strongly advise you NOT to make that recipe. Although I've never had lasagna, COTTAGE CHEESE does not sound like the true Italian preparation. I would substitute ricotta. The cottage cheese seems sacreligious!
  7. Now now, Irish LOL... Unlike the typical full-time doc, I do all my own cleaning and actually cook dinner for DH at least 5 nights a week... from scratch!!!

    I've never made lasagna from scratch... but have you thought about other pasta? I've made this twice in 3 weeks, and DH LOVES it so much it makes him extra... how do I say this... bong chicky bong bong :rolleyes:...

    It's so aromatic, easy, beyong amazingly delicious... perfect for the whole family. It's colorful and extremely presentable for the dinner table, too. Yummy. I made the pesto from scratch using a recipe from
  8. mmmm.....lasagna:drool:
  9. I always read her blog! She is really funny and some of her stuff is out there for ingredients, but some of her stuff looks AMAZING- like the cinnamon rolls.

    That being said, my mom makes lasagna w/ cottage cheese. It tastes good to me. Sure, not authentic, but still good. I think you could sub ricotta in this recipe if you wanted w/o a problem. I make lasagna w/ ricotta, but mine always tastes quite dry when it comes to that layer, kind of odd.

    Also- the Everyday Italian lady on the Food Network has a really good looking lasagna recipe w/ awesome reviews. Never tried that though.
  10. i just discovered her blog today and went through every one of her recipes. i found her blog through other cooking blogs i read, and i really like her writing style and photographs! :tup: and yeah a lot of her stuff does look delicious. i'll be making her shrimp penne in a day or two...yum! :p

  11. I love lasagna, I will be watching this thread for more great recipes. Thanks for the pioneer cooking link, I love pictures :tup:
  12. I always use cottage cheese in my lasagna, it tastes great.:yes:

    BTW: I make my lasagna almost the exact same way as the Pioneer website, but I dont use sausage...Ill try that next time though!