Need real help to loose 30lbs!!!

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  1. Not sure if anyone could help, but I really need some motivation and some buddies to help me loose 30lbs! It seems so much I really don't think I can do it in my own. I've had medical problems meaning 2 years of steroids and actually put on almost 50 lbs. I've had a new hip 10 years ago but I need more surgery now and told I need to loose at least 28lbs by dec 20th to undergo the op. im limited with exercise due to hip problems, do have a wii and wii fit board . Anyway I want to weight in to start tomorrow evening and keep online diary etc with progress, any buddies or motivation from you would really really be appreciated. I need to get fit & well especially for my 5 yr old daughter!! Thanks in advance x
  2. I'll be your buddy =). I don't post much, more of a reader, but I could use motivation as well. I need to start some type of workout. I used to do the eliptical but that was so boring. Then I tried P90X...did well for six weeks but Tony Horton started to annoy me lol. I was thinking about trying Tracy Anderson since she does more dance stuff and I love to dance.

    Sorry to hear about your medical problems and your upcoming surgery...good luck with that. Let me know how I can help since you are limited with exercise. How do you want to start?
  3. Start w/ diet and drinking a ton of water!

    What does your normal diet look like now? What are you drinking daily? Any exercise?
  4. Can I join? But I may not be the best motivator, I have ZERO time for exercise. But through eating healthier and finding little ways to walk more etc. I've lost 43 pounds since my LO was born :blush:
  5. Thanks!!! Really appreciate any messages at all to keep me motivated!!! I'm in uk so I'll be updating each evening just to say how the days been.
    NOW is the START!! I've just weighted in and will do each Wednesday at same time--- I've decided to write down and plan meals for tomorrow my first day so keep a food diary and I'm going to try and start with fitting a 30 min basic step class via the wii fit in my living room! Also walk to school with my daughter in morning ! So I'll give update tomorrow same time, xxxx
  6. I need to drink water, diet quite healthy at meal times but it's those in between treats & snacks in evening that lets me down! Also need to do some exercise,I don't drink alcohol but drink loads of coffee
  7. Wow you've done fantastic!!! Exactly what I want, eat better and just be more active at home etc... Saying what you've achieved and done is brilliant motivation for me, nice to check in with people I'm sure it will help keep me going! I've weighed tonight, planned meals for tomorrow and try do a little exercise too, I'll do small update each day and weigh in same time each Wednesday. Thank you xxx
  8. Some coffee is fine!
    What kind of snacks are you having?
  9. The my fitness pal app and website was an enormous help to me. It made it so easy to track my food and exercise. Check it out!
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  10. Yippee! Day 1 good start! Walked to school even though raining! Did 30 mins wii fit. Drank 2 litres of water( not stopped going to toilet!), stuck to 3 healthy meals, snacked on a banana and raw carrots, small handful of raw cashew nuts this afternoon, just going to have a drink of low fat hot chocolate before bed as my little treat for the day!!! Definately think planning meals day before helps:smile:
  11. Yay! I'm cheering for you dear!!!!
  12. That's a great start. Keep it up. I'll weigh in on Wednesdays too.

    This is what I've had so far today:

    Breakfast-banana and strawberry smoothie with Greek yogurt
    Morning snack-string cheese
    Lunch-half a tuna sandwich w/ lettuce and tomato
    Afternoon snack-homemade granola
    Dinner-(will be having) spaghetti w/ ground turkey

    Will be putting on Tracy Anderson in a few minutes =)

    I have also used my fitness pal and it works great....will have to start logging in again lol.
  13. Another recommendation for My Fitness Pal! Great way to keep track of what you are eating and your exercise, plus great community forum for motivation and info! Keep up the great work!
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  14. Wow! Well done! I'm impressed home made granola!! Well it's 19.40 now here in uk and just finished day 2! Really cold here and wet so didn't walk to school! Came home and cleaned through the house from 9am til 5pm, so only did 20 mins on exercise bike whilst listening to my daughter do her reading homework!
    Food diary for today:
    Breakfast - scrambled egg on 1 piece whole bread
    Snack- banana
    Lunch- open tuna salad- low fat yoghurt
    Snack- small hand of raw cashews
    Dinner, boiled rice with egg chicken & ham
    Treat- 1 small chocolate treat size bar 100 kcal
    I now have around 3.5 hrs before bed so I've peeled some carrots just in case and going to give myself a pedi x
  15. I found when I dieted that sipping yummy hot teas after dinner helped curb cravings. Kept my hands and mouth busy and it was fun trying different ones. Some are sweet, these helped my sweet tooth.