Need Quick Opinions

  1. I recenty started a thread about 2 other Gucci's I was looking at but completely changed my mind. I have decided I definitely want the 'Peggy'. BUT which one do you guys like best?

    I'm so torn between all leather (white) or the Peggy with the double G Fabric (white leather trim).

  2. i love the mono fabric...yummy!!! For some reason my bf didnt like it :sad: so if you get it ill be insanely jealous! hehehehe
  3. BTW, someone on the forum was saying it wasn't very comfortable! but if you are going to get one, get the mono.
  4. I've seen the white in person, and it is beautiful but not very distinctive. I would go with the mono. I actually saw it on Bluefly this morning.
  5. I say mono too... it just pops more than the all white bag. And I don't even like mono, LOL...
  6. Mono for sure
  7. What everyone else said.
  8. :heart: :heart: :heart: the mono .. very cute purse! u have great tastes, because both are gorgeous, but mono for sure! =)
  9. oops .. posted this twice =)
  10. i like the mono too!
  11. What they said. Mono all the way. Though I am not a fan of this bag (well I was until I tried it on in the boutique) if I had to choose I would go the mono. It just looks better in this style in my opinion.
  12. I would go for the mono. it looks a bit more 'special'.
    But what do you think of the white guccissima one? If you want an all leather bag I'd go for this one!
  13. Mono
  14. i like the mono one over the all white leater but think the guccisma one is very nice as well.
  15. I actually like the white leather one, it's so beautiful!