Need Quick Help!!!

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  1. Hi girls,
    I'm a lurker in this Chanel forum and I have the chance to buy a couple of my dream bags! :drool:

    My SA said she discovered in the stock room that they have the following bags left and she offered them to me! :yahoo:

    - Gold reissue, don't know which size
    - Baby pink lambskin flap bag with gold HW
    - Dark pink caviar flap with silver HW

    I need to decide soon as she's holding all the bags for me! I will surely get the reissue, no matter which size.
    But I'm not very sure of the color, she said it's GOLD and not Dark Gold as the ones I've seen around this forum.
    Could anyone please post a pic of the GOLD reissue so I know which one she's offering me? Is there only one gold?

    And second question, how does the lambskin wear with time? is it VERY scratch prone? I have a black caviar and it's so durable! I am afraid to have the bag very scratched in a short time... I would prefer caviar but they don't have it with this combo (light pink+gold HW) so I think I should take it while I can (and before price increase! :p )

    Can anyone help? Does anybody have a pic of the dark pink with silver HW too?
  2. lambskin is Chanel's most delicate leather while caviar is their most durable.
    I prefer dark pink and I prefer silver hardware so you know my choice!
  3. Personally I think the gold reissue is way too flashy, unless she's talking about the darkgold from 2006.
  4. If It were me, I would choose dark pink caviar flap with silver hw. :smile:
  5. Ditto!
  6. Thanks for the quick responses!! Do you girls think the dark pink is most wearable or you prefer it because it's caviar?
    I don't have many experience on Chanel pinks...

    So there is a Gold re-issue apart from the dark gold?? Oh, I feel so lost :sad:
    I've been through the whole post of the re-issues and everybody talks about the dark gold, so I thought it was the only one
  7. I prefer dark pink, I prefer caviar for myself personally and I prefer silver hardware.
  8. Dark pink with silver. If you don't want it, pm me with the info, because I will take it in a flash.
  9. There is a dark gold reissue from 2006, and a Gold metallic from Cruise 2007. The darkgold is a muted gold, not metallic. The gold metallic is like tin foil shiney.
  10. I have a quilted lambskin and I don't find it as fragile as some say it might be. If the bag was one solid pice of lambskin, then yes, it would be vulnerable to scratching, but the quilting breaks up the space and I don't even notice any damage.

    If I had to have GH (which I love) I would go for the Baby pink lambskin flap bag.

    I guess it depends on the sizes as well.
  11. I really don't like the new gold...I actually stopped another PF'er from buying it hehe. It does look like tin foil.
    And I say dark pink if only for the silver hardware.
  12. I would love the Dark Pink !!! Where did you find it ??? If you don't want it, please give me the SA info so I can buy it RIGHT NOW !!!! hahahah~
  13. It really depends on how much use you are planning to do! If you are planning on using them a lot, stay away from the lambskin (unless you send it immediately to Chanel for cleaning, so they can spray it with a protectant).

    I would personally prefer to get both pinks, rather than the Gold. But it is your choice!
  14. Dark pink.
  15. Thanks!! After much consideration and talking to my SA, I decided to let go the gold reissue (yes, it looked like tin foil!!) and also let go the lambskin light pink.
    I really hope I can get one like pinkpiano in the future, the SA said it will surely come as it's a classic Chanel color.

    So after all your comments I will go for the dark pink with Silver and maybe a beige with gold HW!