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  1. I am trying to act fast on the news that I might not get to buy my dream perfo speedy!

    I have one on hold for me but again am at a I buy?

    And I don't even know if I will like it IRL. I CAN always send it back I know, but then I am out probably $30 in shipping. I know though, it might be worth it to see IRL

    there is also the idea that if I hold onto it, when they really are all out (IF they are ever all out)...that I can sell it for hopefully close to what I bought it for

    HELP LADIES! I NEED TO DECIDE QUICK! I have to go to work but can call to confirm my order on my supper break

    help help help!!!!!:wtf:
  2. If it is your dream bag, buy it! And you're right, they are really hard to get these days, if you decide you don't want it, you could sell it!

    Go go go!:happydance:
  3. If you have always wanted it, then buy it.
  4. I say $30 is worth it...even if you don't like least then you'll know and not always be wondering!
  5. go for it!!!
  6. I agree with twiggers, if it's your dream bag then $30 is not that much to be out if you decide you don't want it...especially on a $1300 bag! Good luck!
  7. You should get it. If it's your dream bag you've already envisioned yourself carrying it, outfits, etc. Of course, you could be disappointed when you get it, but then you would at least KNOW.
  8. dialing vuitton........

    I hope this is worth it for me!

    i at least hope, if I do decide to keep it and fall out of love...that I can get my money back from someone else who will love it too!
  9. iif you fall out of love ^^^ then you can sell it on ebay for double, even though this isnt the nicest thing to do..
    because some people will want it that badly...
  10. Buy it!!!
  11. The green one on Elux with Free Shipping!!!
  12. Seeing it in person totally changed it for me... for the better! It's a great, fun piece! Get it and post pics when you do :biggrin:
  13. Get it!
  14. Totally get it!!!!

  15. :nuts:

    that's the face when I hear "sell it for double!"
    and you're right...that isn't the nicest thing to do...TPF members of course would have first dibs on it! For only 50% markup:P

    It won't ship out until Monday.....:sad:
    I swear I just waited a year and a lifetime for my miroir...

    which reminds me..gotta get some pics up of that!