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  1. OK, so I purchased a Gucci wallet on ebay.. .and it looks real, as the seller promised authenticity (of course)... everything is fine.. but there are 2 of those little packets that include those little bead things..

    I dont know the name, but its the small white packets of stuff, I guess to make the things smell good??? But they say " Gucci" and "do not eat" on it... are those included with real Gucci wallets or because of the fact that my wallet has it, its not normal and thus, the wallet could be fake?

  2. hmm... i don't know i'm about to purchase my first gucci wallet this or next month. could i suggest posting this in the authenticate this gucci thread? the girls there are great and may be able to help. :yes:
  3. they do include it...well mine had one in the zippered coin compartment
  4. Please post ALL authenticity questions in the AUTH THIS thread
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.