Need quick help...

  1. Whats that little short sweater that some people sometimes wear over dresses... are they like boleros or shrugs?

    What are the long coats called that people wear over dresses, Im trying to look a few up on eBay, but cant place the name...

    TIA :heart:
  2. tunics
  3. sorry i didnt read it properly - bolero
  4. The short sweater is called a bolero...the long coats, I dunno. Are you thinking of a trench coat?
  5. 1: If it's a sweater, it's most likely a shrug. Boleros are short jackets.

    2: If not a trench, as lv-lover mentioned, then you might mean a duster.

  6. This is corect. :smile:
  7. People call the sweaters both boleros and shrugs. I think you will find both words used in eBay listings. The bolero may be more popular since this was the trendier word in the last few years. It's like capris versus petal pushers or pocketbook versus purse versus handbag. You'll see listings under all of these but will probably see capri or handbag more since these are more current words.

    For the long coats I need more information. Is there a certain material you are thinking of? Or length?
  8. You could also call the short jacket a swing coat, but these are usually a bit flared at the bottom so they "swing" out.

    Long jacket sounds like a trench.
  9. For the coat I thought it was duster or topper. OH I just scrolled and saw Prada's answer, so never mind :smile: