Need purse recommendation

  1. My husband said to get a purse since I don't carry one and end up losing so much stuff when I stuff it in my pockets and in the stroller. I need something that can hold my three years olds toys, snacks and take her abuse.;) I was thinking about a Gucci canvas bags but I wanted to run it by experts to see what other recommendations I can get. I would like to get a nice bag for a change. My budget is around 500 -700 dollars. I know it may not sound like it's not much but with a three year old with a large toy budget, it's all I can afford at this time. Thanks!
  2. I love my Gucci bags! You might want to browse around on the Gucci forum and see if anything catches your eye!
    I definitely recommend Gucci! I :heart: it!
  3. Thanks Korilynn. I was able to get some advise there. I didn't even realize that Gucci had an outlet store! I was thinking about getting something today since there's a 10% discount but decided to wait until later for their sale. Any model recommendation?