Need Promo Code for Artisan Gems Boutique

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  1. I found a Steve Madden bag that I love. Since it's new, I haven't found it anywhere for less than full price. The bag's on a website called Artisan Gems Boutique. If anyone has a promo code for that site I'd shore 'preciate it. :faint:
  2. i've never heard of that site. Steve Madden is sold at a lot of reputable stores, like Macy's so I'm sure you can find it on sale.

    good luck.
  3. Thanks, alliemia.

    I actually saw the bag at Macy's today; it's full price there. I "need" a black bag as soon as possible and was hoping to order it today or tomorrow without having to wait until it goes on sale.
  4. oh good luck then. i couldn't find any codes on that store. but maybe go to the steve madden site, they have 10% off i believe.