Need print help there a difference between Playground and Cammo?

  1. Hi...I'm new to tokidoki and am trying to figure out what this is called exactly. Is tan playground the same as cammo olive or are they two totally different prints?

    Thanks very much :heart:
  2. dreamsoftoki...thank you so much for that link... its perfect!
  3. wow...thats a perfect print carmella...but it wouldn't have been for me because I'm all about the characters and not the girls!
  4. Funny how tastes change. In the beginning Citta and Pirata were my favorite prints and I was all about the girls. Now if it doesn't have Bastardino or Polpettina on it I'm not interested. And I love Amore best of all. And I'm trying to AVOID the girls as much as possible on Spiaggia.

    (Is it just me or does it seem weird to anyone else to be carrying around a purse with girls in bikini's on it. And if you get some "unfortunate" print placement that only has certain parts of the body... well lets just say I've seen some questionable print placement on some of the "flap" style bags....)
  5. Well, I'm curious to hear what others think but I think sometimes that Simone designs stuff for the guys to enjoy looking at as well! Like that tshirt w/the rainbows over each breast? That screams look at my B's as much as low cut tees do. I love the rainbows but I'm WAY too self conscious to wear a tee like that even when I was a teen!
  6. Dreamsoftoki: haha I agree, I was so concerned about getting an odd placement shot of the girls :sweatdrop: luckily if the girls are on there then they're not cut off in a weird way

    annie b: I agree with the shirt! I :love: the rainbows but I didn't end up getting that shirt because of the placement of them. My bf was kinda laughing at me saying he understand what I mean but he wouldn't mind :push: I definitely think that one was made w/ men in mind
  7. I actually want a bag with the girls on it. hm, guess i'm weird.
  8. i love playground & citta because of the girls. they are a must have in full view for me when it comes to those prints in particular.
  9. For Citta + Tan Playground - musthavethemgirlies! :graucho:
    For the other prints it's more about the other characters - but if there are girls, i just don't want them chopped up in a funny way :wtf:
    But the two girls on Spiaggia (to me) aren't as good-looking as those on the previous prints :shrugs: