Need prices... please help!

  1. I need the prices of the following Chanel goodies. Need to know how much money to hoard this season! :p

    If you guys have the prices in US$ as well as Euros it would be greatly appreciated:flowers:

    Chanel Rock and Chain bag (White)

    Chanel lambskin flap bag with new closure (Black)

    Chanel CC Punk Clutch

    Chanel black and white resin bangles with engravings (there are 4 kinds)

    Help help help!!!:sos:
  2. Do a search on the main Chanel forum. I know the prices of the Rock n chain and punk clutch have been listed.
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Hi Maxter, yes they have but some of them aren't sure of the actual price or the size of the bag (in Rock and Chain anyway). I think there is more than one size coming out.
  5. The "New Lock" bag is $2595 US. I hope this helps. :smile:
  6. Oh yes, it does. Thanks! It means I have to put aside more money. :sweatdrop: