Need pregnancy pillow recommendations

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  1. Help! Sleeping is starting to get pretty uncomfortable and I am starting to resent my peacefully sleeping DH :P. I'm nearing the end of the 4th month, and am trying to get used to sleeping on my side for baby's sake, and my back is not happy. Plus I end up sleeping on my back anyway.

    What pregancy pillow worked for you?

    How does this one look? I like that it seems to have good back support (and will hopefully keep me sleeping on my side), and I can switch sides easily.

    Would love your opinions and recommendations. Thanks all!
  2. Hi Jenna!!!
    We bought this pillow and 2 others (snoogle and snoozer) but I found myself reaching for my regular pillows just because they are more comfortable especially on those nights when you find yourself suddenly hot and sweating and the last thing you want is being somewhat sandwiched. In the end, my DH bought 6 regular pillows for me and he enjoyed 3 pregnancy pillows to himself. I did find it very useful once the baby is out though.

    Congrats on the pregnancy!!!
  3. I bought this wedge and found it extremely versatile in terms of how you use it. I used it to support my back while sleeping on the side and between my legs while I was pregnant. Now I sometimes use it to provide additional support while breastfeeding. I even use it as a pillow for my baby while out on a walk in our Bugaboo pram. I highly recommend it. Personally I didn't want any big chunky 'pregnancy pillows' because I was very pregnant during the summer time. It maybe different for you since it's cold now.
  4. I use the little pillows that have little pellets in them. You can get them anywhere and I use one for my back and one for my belly. They conform to your body.
  5. Me too, I find the snoogle very cumbersome but I use it when I'm sitting on my couch with the laptop. I just use a regular pillow and hug it at night, it's sandwiched between my DH and I talk about sex barrier, lolz.
  6. I use a body pillow, I like to cuddle with it, plus it helps my HUGE belly situation, I can't sleep on my back or my stomach so, this works for me.
  7. I have this too! It was very useful!
  8. Me too- I just used a regular super soft full body pillow that I snuggled up against. I liked that it was soft enough to move it however I wanted. I liked hugging it and putting the bottom part between my legs. I know it sounds odd but it really kept my spine aligned and offered good support.
  9. I got a Snoogle and just found it overwhelming. I literally tried it once and then abandoned it. Maybe if I pull some stuffing out. I'm just using a king-size regular pillow, and sometimes another regular (non-king) pillow under my belly if I feel like it needs support. I've been thinking of getting the wedge one that others have posted about (that Amazon link) though.