Need positive vibes and hugs for Mickey!

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  1. In the past few weeks Mickey has had 3 bouts of hematuria (blood in the urine). After a trip to vet's and an abdominal ultrasound, we found out that he had a bladder stone and BPH. The vet recommended surgery for the stone removal and neutering. However due to his health problems (age, heart murmur, and seizures) I was referred to a surgical specialist. She has cleared him for surgery so that's reassuring but I'm still a nervous wreck! :crybaby:

    My "baby" will be 15 years old on 2/4 and I hope this will improve his quality of life for a few more years! He's scheduled for surgery on the 29th. I am fortunate that this facility has special suites where you can stay with your pet overnight as they recover - so I'm definitely taking advantage of that!

    Please send some positive vibes for Mickey for an uneventful surgery and rapid recovery! Mickey sends his hugs and kisses :heart::heart: ... Thanks everyonel!
  2. I hope he's not in too much pain and makes a full recovery.
  3. I'm praying for Mickey & you. It means so much that you'll be there for him giving your unconditional love.

    God bless you & Mickey.:heart:
  4. I'll be praying for Mickey :heart: I hope he has a fast recovery and gets better soon!
  5. Of course you have prayers from me to you and Mickey. I've never had a dog live that long--you must be taking excellent care of him along with him being a survivor with the existing health problems. I hope surgery is successful and he's not in pain. Best wishes!
  6. Wow!! Mickey you are a tough old man, aren't you???

    Get well soon!! :flowers:
  7. God bless mickey and your family!.. Bless him with a good long life!
  8. I just went to your Dogster and Mickey is so damn adorable!!!!!!!!!!
    i left him a bone....and we are both aquarius!!!
    I will pray for his health!!!!
  9. i'm sending good energy your way... sounds like mickey will be in great care! i've never heard of vets having suits so you can spend the night, that's awesome!!! here's to a speedy recovery.
  10. I will keep you in my thoughts. Best wishes to you and your dog.
  11. ((((Positive Vibes & Thoughts))))
    Wishing for a successful surgery & speedy recovery...
  12. Poor little guy, I hope he does okay. How cool that you can stay with him overnight. I wish they had more places like that.
  13. That's great they let you stay with him overnight. Sending good vibes to Mickey!
  14. I hope he recovers...... I was an emotional wreck the past couple weeks because my parents are thinking about putting my dog down. I've had him since I was 5 1/2 and now I'm 23!

    I pray for your dogs full recovery!

  15. :heart::flowers: On behalf of Mickey, I would like to thank:
    Dallas, Michele26, ChiChi143, boxermom, VooDoo, chpwhy, babieejae1101, carol86cruz, to_the_nines, lv_forever, Zophie, HubbaWubba, and LVBastille for all of the kind words and prayers!!!

    carol86cruz: thanks so much for the special dogster bone!

    to_the_nines: yes, I am fortunate to have this type of facility here. If anyone lives in NY or CT this is the place -

    LVBastille: Again, my thoughts are with Cocoa and you at this difficult time :crybaby:.