Need positive thoughts for monday 5/21...

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  1. DS #2 is on the autistic spectrum & has an IEP meeting on monday (an IEP is a document that outlines goals & objectives for the next school year). Our school district has been a huge pain in the butt, not wanting to give him services & so on. We ended up hiring at atty & she will be there with us on monday. Still, it's just a very emotionally draining time. I'd appreciate any & all positive vibes/prayers/voodoo chants against my school district, etc. Thanks!

  2. So sorry to hear about this. Hope your son will be okay.
  3. Good vibes coming your way! I hope it all works out for the best, especially for your little one. A great big hug!
  4. Good luck with everything. My daughter had an IEP done a couple of months ago to start school. They offered her all the services that she need because I explained to them that she had to have them because of yatta yatta yatta but the only thing they don't offer her that much time through the week. Do you have any letters from the document recommending your child for the services that they? I found that to be quite helpful when I was submitting the paperwork. I hope everything works out for you and your child. Keep us posted on how it goes!
  5. I will keep you and your family in my prayers! Big hugs to all of you.
  6. Positive thoughts coming your way!
  7. I'll be thinking of you. Good for you for being proactive for your son.

    I had to have a specialist call the school to have my son (preschool age at the time) enrolled in speech. They wouldn't even evaluate him otherwise.

    Now I have two sons with speech delays and gross motor delays and have IEPs for each of them at least twice a year. Good luck, and I hope your son gets the attention he needs to be successful.
  8. I will keep you in my prayers.
  9. Thanks guys! The attorney will be there with us. Our school district has such a bad reputation that most advocates don't even bother attending anymore (feel they can't be of much help). I'll keep everyone updated!
  10. I hope everything goes good for you & your family.
  11. Sending posotive thoughts and energy your way!
    Good luck!
  12. I'll be sending positive vibes. I have to fly out of town that day so I'll have a lot of times to think and "vibe".
  13. Definitely sending positive vibes your way!! I've never had any experiences with IEP's (other than when i was studying to be a teacher), but they really do sound like a pain in the butt for parents - especially when you're dealing with a school system that doesn't want to accomodate the needs of your child.

    Hope the meeting goes well!
  14. I'm a speech therapist for a local school district and I am so sorry to hear that your school doesn't want to give proper services. We have worked extra hard at my school and we now have 3 programs set up for children on the spectrum. It is really quite amazing. Good for you for hiring legal people if that is what it takes. Please let me know how things went. I'm sending you positive vibes and a HUG!!

  15. Good luck with everything. I've heard that it can be hard sometimes getting schools to give kids the services that they legally are entitled to. Its awesome that you have your attorney with you, that way you'll be sure that everything works out in your child's best interest. Good luck again!