Need Pointers On Hermes Bag!!!!

  1. I have the opportunity to purchase a Hermes purse. I do not know the first thing to look for to see if this purse is authentic. I need help. Here are some of the details that the person has given me. This is through a private party and am thrilled to have this chance. I do not know when I will have this opportunity again. Here is some of the info that was given to me.

    The purse is called Hermes Clemence and it is in white with silver palladium hardware. It is pebble grain leather with chevre goat skin lining. The purse has 4 protective feet on the bottom. There is one dust bag, a box a security ID engraved padlock with 2 keys. She says there is a auth. card.
    Purse has Hermes Paris Made In France embossed in silver and the letter J for the 2006 with a craftsman ID blindstamp on the inside of belt. I have no idea what this all means.

    If there is any help that someone can give me it would be awesome. Am I being taken for a fool with a fake purse or am I buying a real hermes purse for a great price. LMK.

  2. Pass on it. The authenticity card is a no-no.
  3. Thanks for the info fellow purse lover. Sometimes these things are too good to be true.

    Sometimes it takes another person who is not week in the knees over the prospect of owning one of these beautiful babies.

  4. Second HG's comment. Big NO!