Need pinions on Hayden-Harnett Clutch Wallet colors... thanks!

  1. Hi all,

    I was told that the regular colors are of a softer leather, and the metallics of a sturdier sort (hence more resistant to scratches). I originally had the Yam in mind, but then thought of going metallic since I'm a bit OC about the scratching etc. while it's in my bag.

    Found a few pics of the wallets I'm looking at online and wanted to get your opinions on the colors and the versatility. Is it too much bling for everyday? I've got slight variations on the colors from the photos found online...

    If anyone owns one I'd love to hear what you think about the color you have... thanks so much in advance!

    LEAD - first photo from HH site, second from Luna Boston

    GOLDRUSH - first photo from HH site, second from Luna Boston
  2. I don't know about the goldrush, but as for the lead the second photo from Luna Boston is closer to reality. Lead definitely has a gold sheen to it. And I don't think it's too much bling for daytime - I think it's chic.
  3. If it is a choice between the two - I personally prefer the look of the lead (but I am not a gold person at all)
  4. goldrush would be closer to your original desire for yam, but the lead is a really great color.
  5. Lead 3, Goldrush 0 -- and I'm really leaning towards lead as well... hmmm will wait til the weekend is over to make my decision -- but thanks, ladies! :biggrin:
  6. i have the bungalow wallet in Yam, and it's the softest most delicious leather. it doesn't really scratch like some of the other HH leathers i own, but it does show dirt REALLY easily. i have a white eraser but it's not getting the job done especially on the parts i handle most often.

    i think the lead is a really great call if you want to go for the metallics. it's a beautiful color that changes depending on what kind of light its in - gold to more silvery. not too blingy for daytime at all IMO.
  7. I have the wallet in lead - but have not seen (or used) any others so I can't compare. I wish that I had - because - as I mentioned before, I have an OCD need to make sure that I have made the best buy.

    I (ab)use my wallet terribly - chuck it in my purse without giving a second thought to what it would be rubbing against - and now that I have had it about a month I do see that scratches have appeared. Needless to say these don't bother me in the slightest - I only really noticed them when I was giving a report on it for someone else.

    I do also wonder if I would have prefered a 'soft delicious leather' (I would never have thought of a phrase like that Jandelvis) to fondle every time I handed over my hard owned cash. (Please don't think that I am disappointed - its a real stunner - its just that I don't know for certain...)

    What I would advise however, is that once these crazy sales have died down a bit - you call up HH and ask the person who answers the phone. I imagine that all of the girls there have been using some type of HH wallet for quite some time - and they could advise you which one would best fit your needs. I have always had honest advice from them.

    Hope that helps.
  8. Thanks jandelvis, treesrgreen! Your comments are really helpful. I'll go and do that, maybe in a week or two :smile: thanks!
  9. goldrush great color
  10. The lead is very pretty.
  11. I really like the lead.
  12. I have the lead one. It goes with every bag I wear in any color and it's such a unique color - I get compliments everytime I pull it out. you need it :smile: LOL
  13. Munchkin How well do you look after your wallet and how is it doing in terms of scratches? (You can read from my post that I have a hard time answering that question because I am a slob...).
  14. Munchkin1206 -- LOL thanks :biggrin:

    Thanks xmelissax, gingarita and kimmi too!
  15. I've used mine everyday for about 5 or 6 months. It's still in wonderful shape. I think the metallic color helps it stay looking new - all my "normal" leather wallets always get trashed. I guess I'm not that gentle w/ my wallets :smile: I've noticed in the corners and creases of the wallet, the color is a little more worn than the rest of the wallet but no scratches have shown up. HTH!

    And I still stand by my original post - you NEED it! LOL