Need pictures of sloane interior...

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  1. I am still thinking about getting the ottone sloane... I went and saw it at the store a while ago and i love it. I could not put it down. i just realized I have NO idea what the inside looks like! This will be my first BV so i am clueless to the insides.. Does anyone have any pictures of it? If not can somebody please tell me if their are any pockets, cell holders or compartments? Thank you!! :yes:
  2. No cell phone holder in the Sloane. Only a rather long zipped pocket on one side of the bag.
  3. I purchased this bag in ottone a month ago. It's a beaut! The interior is mainly a light beige suede topped by a leather lining the same color as the exterior. And it does have only one long interior zipped pocket.

    It is by far my favorite Bottega! I adore the Sloane shape (hobo style, but shallow enough not to droop). It is this color, however, that makes it special. The ottone color (a taupe/bronze shade) was only introduced once before, and came as a surprise to boutiques this season, featured only in the cabat and Sloane styles. No one knows when or if it will return again.

    I fell in love immediately, searched high and low to find it in Saks, NM, etc., but could only locate it in the BV boutique. You should LOVE this bag! Good luck!

    (BTW, there is an excellent photo of this bag and color on the Reference Library thread.)
  4. thank you nizlay and bagloversunite you made me very excited thanks!!!:tup:
  5. hope you get it soon!!
  6. hi bextasy, i just got my sloane... i'll take a picture of the inside for you tomorrow and post it! (:
  7. thank you jeshika!! :ty:
  8. hi bextasy, here are pix of my sloane's innards... hope it helps you with your decision!
    DSC02822.jpg DSC02823.jpg DSC02824.jpg
  9. thank you so much!!! i would get that sooo dirty!!! i hate light colored interiors.. im nervous!
  10. i know... no pens and no make up in that bag unless they're in a case!!!