Need pics please!!

  1. Ok, I did a search and only found a couple of pics of petite girls rocking their Day bags. Can any 5' 4" (ish) and under ladies show me pics of you with yours so I can decide if I can pull one off or not? I'm 5 ft and 92 lbs...but wear 4" heels most of the time so I'm hoping I won't look silly with a Bbag that large ... TIA!!
  2. did u ever see me with my RT day bag which is now sold but i'm 4 feet 11 and 95 lbs and never wear heels, and i totally pulled it off! if you want to see the pic, let me know, it's been posted a few times.
  3. I do remember seeing that pic Fayden, but I couldn't find it...would love to see it again! Thank you! :heart:
  4. [​IMG]

    Here you go!
  5. Did you find the one of Cheshire and her Black Day? She's also petite and looks great with the Day.

    BTW, Fayden, I love that pic of you and your RT.
  6. Yes!! Love it!! Thank you so much! You don't have this one anymore?
  7. No....haven't seen that one. I'll keep searching...
  8. HI deb !!!
    The day looks so much better broken in then when it is new also! I think that makes a difference on how it looks on too, IMO :yes:
  9. nope i ended up selling it when i decided i prefer the hobo over the day.:smile:
  10. Sorry, can't help with Day photos but just wanted to stop by your thread and say Hello! :flowers: Hope all is well;)
  11. I think the Day looks gorgeous on everyone!
  12. Awwww....siri are so sweet! Hugs!!! :heart: And some eye candy!!! :nuts:

  13. ^^ Yikes, who is that?? He's out of control gorgeous! Wonder if DH would notice if I slipped this into my Bal folder on the computer....
  14. I don't have the Day but have you seen Christina Aguilera's picture with the Day? I'll try to find one for you....
  15. Here's one of them, the other file is too big to attach here.....
    CA B Day bag #2.jpg