Need PICS please! Nimubs PM vs. Bal GH City or MC Speedy

  1. Hey y'all- I have been drooooooooling over this PM bag for months now and I have the chance to get one! :nuts:

    But- since I'm here in Alaska, and there are NO designer boutiques whatsoever- pictures on the forum help but I need more visuals--- if ANYBODY has a Nimbus PM and either a Balenciaga GH City or a MC Speedy can you PLEASE post pictures of them side by side and a top view also?


    I'd appreciate it so much... thanks guys- :girlsigh:

    Here is what I've found and thanks to my superior Paint skills- :roflmfao: I've come up with this: Thanks to keokicat -- she's the same height as me- 5'4"...

  2. I like the pm much better then gm... good luck with your purchase.
  3. i think the GM nimbus looks better on you...
  4. Oh--- those are keokicat's pictures--- but since we are the same height--- perhaps GM is better for me?

    Anybody out there with Bal City's or even Speedy 30's that have this bag?
  5. I like the PM better. I tried the GM and it looked huge.
  6. Personally, I would get the MC Speedy :smile:

    But if you already own a speedy, get the Nimbus PM
  7. ^^ she had one and sold it ...
  8. I would personally get the MC Speedy too --- it is such a gorgeous bag!
  9. dudes- sorry for the confusing post. I should have said- the bal and speedy are a couple bags I have in my possession to compare too through pictures.

    :blush: MC speedy just couldn't be sold- it's too pretty IRL- plus my color combo is special. :love: :heart:

    so- anybody got a Nimbus PM and a Bal City or Speedy 30/MC Speedy? Even Chanel small DS tote?

    :flowers: THANK YOU!
  10. I think you should get the GM. I tried both PM and GM on at the store and the PM doesn't have that look where it sags, it just stays in a weird shape and it's very small and I'm short! The GM looked much better, loved the look on it and the way it falls and it felt more comfortable. I think this is the kind of bag that has to be tried on :/ Sorry I'm not much help with pics lol
  11. I say Bal for sure over the speedy - the nimbus is cute for sure... but if you don't have a bal or if you don't have a city - you're missing out. A city goes with ALOT more outfits and styles than the MC speedy imo. City on my for reference:

    Though is RH hardwear - the great thing, imo, about the city is that it can be work 3 ways - and each look is so different and goes with so many different looks!
  12. Thanks Habibty- I think I'm leaning more towards the GM now anyways--- since the Bal City I have is perfect- but I used to own a Legacy Coach Shoulder and even that was great too...

    so confusing when you live nowhere near stores that carry LV!!

  13. Thanks- looks great on ya- I already have one- Violet GSH City and need pictures of a City next to a Nimbus PM-

    Looks so sunny and warm- lol~ it's freeezing out there today! :rolleyes:
  14. Oh, if you already have a city then go with the nimbus.

    That's actually a picture from the summer - it's like 20 degrees in NY right now, lol
  15. Ooh okay.. Well, I personally think the Nimbus GM is monstrous! LOL.. It is HUGE IRL, just my opinion though.. I would get the PM if I was you. Sorry no pictures for comparison =(

    I'm sure someone on here would have a picture of a Nimbus PM and a speedy 30 side by side.. just dunno who! lol