Need Pics Of Gold Python Chanel Purse>

  1. !!! im looking for this purse i saw awhile ago.
    all i know is..
    its chanel.
    its gold python...
    with gold stiches on the bag..
    the chain is super thick.
    it looks like a classic. 2.55
    if anyone has pics of this bag PLEASE post it on here.
  2. i found a pic of this .... this is the extact python material and chain i was talking about. but i cant find the 2.55 version of this purse in pics.
    please please help me outt.
  3. That bag is so gorgeous! Do you ladies know the price for that?
  4. Looks sort of like a Cabas. I saw something along those lines at my Saks a while back, but it was blue. Really stunning