Need pics of Chanel 07 Cruise Calfskin bowling bag

  1. Need pics of Chanel 07 Cruise Calfskin bowling bag in black preferably

    I need pics for a friend .. thanks :smile:
  2. no lucky huh ... =(
  3. *******89 views and still no luck ... whatevers

    We do not use that kind of language here !
  4. Have you tried the Chanel reference library?
  5. Is this the one?
  6. is that from the chanel website? i was wondering what that bag was called. so gorgeous!
  7. OMG I LOVE YOU iluvchanel .. thank you so much =)
  8. any of you have an idea on much this is gonna run ??? like 1500 ???
  9. Yes, it's from I also have brochure with that bag info. I can't get to it now but later tonite.

    GLuXuRy, You're welcome. The price maybe in the $2K. I have to check with my brochure tonite.
  10. Beautiful bag! I saw this at Saks in the beige and loved that bag. I believe it was $2100.
  11. whoa ... i thought it would be a tad bit cheaper than that .. but that bag is amazing ... i wonder how the material feels =)
  12. Its 1850.00. I have it in ivory.
  13. OOO ... can you post pics of the ivory ?
  14. chanelbowler_edited.jpg


    is this the one?
  15. ^^^^yup ... so HOTT .. pics are so tiny =( ... is that the ivory color ?