Need pics of Alexandra wallet pls....

Sep 13, 2007
Melbourne, Australia
If u hv an Alexandra wallet, whether mono or damier or MC, pls post a pic of inside of the wallet. with contents will be great.

am still undecided as to what wallet to buy and hv checked the threads but couldn't find a pic of the alexandra wallet that is opened with contents.

Thanks heaps:yes:

Crazy Bag

Loves LV
Sep 10, 2007
Uniquely Singapore
With all the excitement on my MC beverly, I forgot to post my new MC Alexandra Wallet which I mentioned somewhere that I will post it...

Actually, I am having second thoughts about it-- I love the compartments but find it abit WIDE to grasp on my hand...

I wanted the pomme zippy initially but found it too big...then I looked at the azur french wallet..found it may be too bulky for my liking...I like to stuff my wallet. I actually like the mini zippy in denim...but keep telling myself not worth it....I am using my groom zippy and need more credit card space. Maybe someone can advise me whether I should keep it :smile:

Anyway, I post the Alexandra Wallet for TPFers reference since I don't see it here

I have posted this a couple of days ago..hope it helps ;) sorry don't know how to do the link...Search page 4 of this forum....