Need pic of lizard VP's in cream/brown/black

  1. An SA at Saks has found a pair in my size and on sale. I was searching for a pic, but have not found one yet. Does anyone have these shoes and can post a picture or post a link to a picture here in the CL thread. My 10 month old is lobbying for my attention, so I don't have time to search all of the threads.

  2. Wow you are one lucky girl! That is an amazing shoe and to find it on sale no less! Do you know if it has a red tip?
    I can't think of anyone on tpf that has this shoe, but this is the best pic that I can find online, it is not very clear but the lizard should be a beige skin with black circles KWIM?

    Here is another photo, also unclear unfortunately:

    Found some better pics of Katie wearing the lizard VP:
  3. I am suprised that Saks carried the lizard VP, I recall seeing whipsnake and python but not lizard. You better get them quick! I have been searching for that shoe for ages.
  4. I'm 100% sure Saks (company-wide) never bought the VP in Roccia lizard. I think your SA might be mistakenly referring to another shoe?....they had some 4-inch peep-toe in a bronze-y (brown/white) ostrich leg that many SA's mistook for the lizard. Could that be the shoe he was referring to? Or maybe it's the whipsnake VP's in cream/black?
  5. I agree with Foxy's post, I was pretty sure that Saks did not carry the lizard VP.
    Ron, can you get confirmation that the shoe your SA is referring to is in fact a lizard VP? In any case, regardless of whether it is lizard or whipsnake, if you can get it on sale at saks now with a discount of close to 60% off, then you should go for it. That would make it approx. $500 if I remember the original price correctly.
    Keep us updated!
  6. I beleive Katie is wearing roccia python from the photos Kamilla has posted, they were an EXCLUSIVE to Barney's, and extremely limited. I'll have to agree on that also with Kamilla & Foxy, Saks never had Lizard VP's.
  7. He did find a picture and sent it to me. He said they are the VP roccia whips. They are $341 so I am going to go for it. I think he also found the simple 85 pumps in the neon blue.:yahoo: I am waiting for confirmation that they are the 85's and not the new simple pumps. After this I will have to avoid this thread so I don't get tempted anymore.:angel: I have to save up for the purses I want to get this spring. Thanks for all of your responses!
    Very Prive Whips Roccia.jpg
  8. Congrats! $341 is an excellent deal on VPs! I love getting things on sale. Good luck on the neon blue Simples. I hope he finds them for you.
  9. Nice find! That is such a great deal. I love finding Louboutins on sale, especially exotic skins which rarely get marked down.
    Congrats and please post pics once you get them, they are fabulous shoes.

    Also, re: the blue simples. I think that I saw these at Saks recently, if we are referring to the same shoe, then it is the original 85mm simple pump. It is a beautiful color but I believe that is brand new and not part of the sale.
  10. Wow those are an amazing pair of shoes and a great price! hey, if your SA just happens to find another pair lying around somewhere, say a 8.5 or 9 want to pm me!? :graucho::graucho: Enjoy your shoes!!!:p
  11. Who is your SA? Sounds like they are on the ball.
  12. Good Lord, those are beautiful shoes :drool: Great deal, too! I need an SA like yours ;)
  13. They are the simple 85 pumps :yahoo: boslvuyon, my SA is off until Tuesday, but I sent him an e-mail to let me know if he has or can find the shoes in your size. If he can I will pm you.
  14. :wtf: YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!:nuts: