Need Pic of Chanel Cambon Reporter Bag ( Brown)

  1. I made a hasty purchase for the Chanel Cambon Reporter yesterday because of the 50% off sale:drool:, thanks to this forum but I don't know what it looks like.

    Does anyone have a picture of this purse in brown?
  2. congrats on your purchase, pls post pix when u get it!
  3. Thank you. I sure will.
  4. I've just recently started loving these too- and now have black on black (not patent CC- smooth) and the brown with tan CC. Both pre-loved and full size.
    Is yours the brown with brown patent CC or the one I have? Congrats! I'd love to have grabbed one for that price!
    They also made the cotton club in a bronzey brown shade right???

    Is yours the full size or mini version??

    There is one identical to mine on eBay right now with fab photos but I cant seem to find it. I saved the photo tho- they had it listed for over $3,000 and calling it rare!!


    And here's the brown with patent CC-


    Great modeling pics with this one!

    Hope these help and that you love yours!
  5. Oh, thank you for the pics. I believe I am getting the one with the black patent CC's and it's the normal size. I was looking at the beige one on e-bay for $2095.00!!! And I thought that was a good price, but this is brand new & 50% off. Even my hubby thought it was a great deal! :yes:
  6. ohhh how pretty! Can I ask the exact price you gave? I'd kill for one straight from the boutique in the brown/brown patent color combo! Like it much better than my own!!
  7. Hi there, can you tell me the make of the zippers on the top of bag and inside pocket? Thanks. I'm obsessing over the authenticity of a new purchase.
  8. Hi, can you tell me the make of the zippers on the top ans inside of the bag. I a obsessing on the authenticity of a new purchase. Thanks.
  9. busyblonde, please start a new thread. . . your questions are off topic.