Need Pic of Botkier Sasha Duffle

  1. I tried searching TPF but searching has been disabled. There are 2 sizes of this bag and I am looking for the regular size, which is actually the large, not the small. Does anyone have a modeling photo so I can see just how big she is? How do you think she will look in black patent? This pic is stuffed so I know she will be smaller and squishier but need real life pics, not silly stuffed modeling pic, and also I would like the pic worn as a hobo so the sides come up, not satchel.

  2. Ooops--sorry. I didn't realize that searching had been disabled when I posted this.

    You can use Google to search TPF. Put the words "sasha" and "duffle" in Google, followed by this "site:"

    There are several modelling photos posted that you could probably find through a search. Megs modelled the bag when TPF gave one away, and then the winner of the bag modelled it too. There are several other photos as well of a member, Cyclagrl, wearing it as well as Angelina Jolie.
  3. I used to have this bag (in lambskin) and I have to say, what I loved most about it was its smooshiness and pettability (is that a word?) I've seen it in patent but I'm not sure that it works for this style, because in patent it's obviously stiffer. There are different types of patent, of course, but the one I saw wasn't exactly what I'd call smooshy.
  4. Thanks ladies!!!
  5. Thanks Contessa for the pix. It doesn't look like there is much difference between the 2 sizes. One is 16.5 inches wide and the other is 17". Even in the modeling pics of TPF mbrs as well as the ActiveEndeavors site there is not much difference except the height.
  6. Anytime.

    And I agree....1/2 an inch is not a big difference.