Need photos of teal 05........does anyone have a good accurate photo of this color?

  1. I checked in documenting photos, but there wasn't a good pic. Please post a photo of this color. I'd like to see how vibrant it is.:smile:

  2. It's a beautiful color.

  3. i thought teal was a tad darker?
  4. It changes color a lot in photos, but this is definitely a 2005 teal city. I wouldn't have posted it if I wasn't sure. Here's another in different light.

  5. OMG rollergirl, you have the BEST colors! And they are all so new looking! Have you been collecting for a long time? I am green as a goblin (w/ envy) :biggrin:
  6. I've just started my collection recently. How do you think this year's colors(grass gree, FB) stack up against the old ones like teal in terms of leather texture? Curious to know the opinion of those who have seen and felt the old ones. Were they lots better? Hope I'm not missing out! :smile:
  7. the second picture is what i remember! i didn't mean that it wasn't teal, i just meant if it was true to color.
  8. Spiral, for way too long! People will always disagree about the leather. But having seen it all, I think the 2004 and spring/summer 2005 ended the best leather, or my favorite leather in general. But even then, there were variations as to color and leather quality. Teal is a good example. It was a great color, but some of the bags looked duller and flatter in color than others. But they used to be mostly good. And despite what I've said about the demise of my favorite leather, I have a Magenta bag from later in 2005 that is unbelievable. I'm sure I'm not the only one with that kind of experience.

    There was a very noticeable change as production ramped up to meet demand. We got the shiny, thin leather, the extreme veining. Some people prefer it, but if you loved the bags before, 2006 was probably your least favorite leather. You couldn't count on it with any consistency - it was bag by bag. I think there are some good colors every season, but they do seem to be repeating very basic colors, with little variation.

    Again, color is a preference, but 2004 seemed to me to be a banner year. 2005 had fantastic blues. I really like vert d'eau, grass green and french blue, but they are not for everybody. Maybe there hasn't been a color that tons of people go crazy for (like eggplant?) in a while. But that's just me.
  9. yes and i think the cobalt is going to be a very, very nice blue
  10. Thanks for the great photos! I love this color......I hope I can find a bag that has the same vibrant color as yours. It's so difficult to capture some of Bbags colors in photographs. Thanks again.:smile:
  11. Here's a pic of my teal '05 on the far left....color looks just like rollergirl's. I love this color!:love: :love: :love:

  12. Here's some pics.. it's a beautiful, rich, deep color that brightens in daylight.



  13. Here's a Day/Hobo and a Twiggy in '05 Teal (both sold) :


    118-1832_IMG.JPG 118-1884.pf_IMG.jpg
  14. Rollergirl, thanks for the info! I find all Balenciaga history/experiences/lore fascinating. Now if only I could get my hands on an '04 and feel the texture that everyone's been talking about, I shall have come full circle. :smile:

    Everyone one has lovely teals. Hope they reissue it sometime, it seems like one of their more outstanding colors.
  15. Thanks for all the photos, I really like this color. I'm trying to decide between it and turquoise. I think I'll get more use out of the teal. :smile: