Need Photos of Celebs with Botkier

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  1. Need Photos of Celebs with Botzier bags, specifically the trigger large bag and the clyde. Black would be even better! I have one.. here is it


    Thanks for any help!
  2. Found Another! but its still a Lindsay Lohan one.. would love to have photos of another celeb.

    This is identical to the purse I purchased recently..

  3. You mean Botkier?
  4. I thought new brand that I haven't heard...
  5. o crap LOL... misspelling... Should I start a new thread or can it be edited?
  6. i'm sure we all get it. :smile:
  7. I remember seeing some on the Botkier website...
  8. :P
  9. I'll edit it for you now ;)
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