Need Paddington expert's....please help

  1. Does anyone have any idea what color this bag is? It is light gray in color. Thanks!!

    Picture_083 (2).jpg Picture_082.jpg
  2. Could it be Gallet? My chloe boston bag has, as far as i can see, a similar colour and on the tag it says: Gallet.
  3. It looks like the mouse paddington. It actually sort of looks like jeans moyen
  4. Hmmm. I am also thinking Gallet. What is on the datecode tag? That will give a better idea of what season it was made........
  5. Definitely not Jeans Moyen. Probably galet
  6. Thank you so much!!!! That's it!!! Now hopefully I can just get my lock and key replaced!!!
  7. I am new here Would like to ask any expert here a question, I got my bag yesterday at Nordstrom, The bag has nice blue color but the lock was totally covered by leather. It did not come with a tag. Is it any chance that Nordstrom sold fake item?
    Please see the attachment.
  8. Welcome to the forum...
    You should post your question in the Authenthicate this Chloe thread... The ladies there will lend you a hand...
  9. Thanks.
    I re-posted.