Need or want a cool SO, without the wait?

  1. At Valley Fair...not 1 but 2 vernis buckets!! 1 in bronze and 1 in beige. Totally amazing! The bronze almost came home with me instead of the pampelonne. They also have some beige accessories.

    $2500.00 if interested, call and ask for Jeanne...tell her Mary sent you ;)
  2. oh nice!
  3. sounds gorgeous!!! hope some here gets one (or both :graucho: )
  4. Id love to see a pic or two!
  5. Oh Mary, the Bronze bucket is SO tempting...I have the wallet, the cles, the shoes:graucho: ....I'll think about it and thanks!:flowers:
  6. :graucho:
  7. Thanks, Twinkle!
  8. omg!!! i need to see this!
  9. Now I ever egg you are really bad news for my budget!:p:winkiss:
  10. It is absolutly stunning! It has the most incredible cinnamon leather lining....really TDF! :graucho:
  11. Awesome! I hope one of our lucky TPF members snap one or both of them up!!! :graucho:
  12. Sounds pretty..too bad I don't like the style so much or I'd be on it lol.
  13. I am such an idiot...when I saw SO for some reason I thought "significant other" and was wondering where I could sign up LOL
  14. thanks for the info!
  15. LOL!