Need opionions for cell phone purchase

  1. My contract with AT&T is up and I want to upgrade my phone.(I'm staying with AT&T) For the last 2 years I have had the original Razr. On a whim I went and upgraded to the newest Razr, the V9. I don't hate it but when I was originally contemplating the upgrade I was really interested in the Blackberry pearl, and I don't feel settled in my decision with the V9. Does anyone have either of these 2 phones that can offer some opionions or advise? I do realize that they are 2 totally different phones. I have about 2 weeks left to do an exchange. Thanks ladies for any input!
  2. How about an iPhone instead? Since you are staying with AT&T, getting an iPhone would be no problem. I bought one a few months ago and love it!!! I know that others say that there are better cell phones out there that have the same features and better 3G internet capability, but I really love the iPhone! It's so easy to use and just interfaces so nicely with our Apple G5 computer. Although, supposedly Apple will release a 2nd generation iPhone sometime in 2008 with 3G.

    But, if you don't want an iPhone, then maybe go for the Blackberry Pearl!
  3. If you are considering an iPhone.....
    I am not sure if you can wait to decide until Jan 15. But on Jan 15 is MacWorld. Which is when Apple announces everything new and all upcoming changes. I am planning on getting an iPhone but I am waiting to see what Steve Jobs has to say at MacWorld. It is worth the wait if you can.
  4. I have the blackberry pearl and just love it!! It's so easy to use and the best feature is the blackberry messenger which allows you to messenger with any other blackberry phone owner for free!

    It's on the 3G network and interfaces well with my email. Also the scheduling and interfacing with entourage or outlook is awesome!

    It has great reception for calls and I use this phone constantly and the battery last me at least 2 1/2 days before I have to charge it! Love it, love it, love it!!!
  5. One of my good friends has a BB pearl and is the most connected person I've ever met in the world. This is a guy that was reading and writing email around the world from Patagonia to Komodo Island in Indonesia. He is not someone to keep something that doesn't work reliably or have good interfaces.
  6. I'm with AT&T as well. I don't need to carry around a mini-computer in my pocket (as much as I would LOVE to)....and would have considered the iPhone myself since we're a 3 Mac Computer home, BUT....the phone bills scare me. So I decided to try out the new LG Shine. At first I thought "oooh - cool". Then after 3 days of using that stupid little scroll button on the front I thought "no way". It was cute and tiny and all, but it was too complicated - it took about 3 different commands to hang up a phone call!
    So I returned it and got the new RZR V3xx. I know, it's been around awhile, but I got it in metallic pink (cute), it's simple, it works, has good reception and it's a-okay. I wish it was a squinch smaller and cuter to hold, but that's just me.
    Personally, I would love to switch to Verizon and get a Chocolate but I'd probably end up hating that too since it's sort of a cousin to the LG Shine.....
  7. i love my blackberry curve, definitely would recommend it. i personally think the iphone is way overpriced.
  8. I would wait for the new version of the Iphone to come out because I heard there will be improvements and new features. Or you could buy a Blackberry Pearl. Those are currently my favorite phones. Ive seen my friend use her Iphone and it looks amazing!
  9. Thanks everyone for your opionions, they are all appreciated!:tup:

    I'm not really considering the iphone. I think all that touching would get on my nerves, I need to be able to press buttons and don't want to have to use a stylus.

    Traci & Bella, thank you for your input, this is some of the information I was looking for! You make me want to run out and exchange my phone for the pearl!

    jchiara, you are playing to my practical side, bless you! sometimes I need that!

    Does anyone who had a flip and then went to the candy bar style ever miss the flip?

    I know I am making this harder than need be, but I just don't want to be stuck with a phone for approx. 2 years that I don't really care for!

    Decisions, decisions, please keep the opionions coming!
  10. I'd look at the Tilt too. You can get it for 75 bucks (after a couple of rebates) on The Tilt has 3G, GPS, touchscreen, full qwerty slideout (and actually, there are free aftermarket touch keyboards similar to the iPhone if you want to give them a try), WM6, touch flo scrolling, etc etc. Technically, it's a much more advanced phone compared to the's just not as sleek.
    The Curve is nice too, but I prefer a WM platform cause there's a lot more 3rd party apps available.
  11. When I accidentally dropped my Razr in a glass of water one drunken night (don't ask), I had to settle for a Motorola L2, which isn't a flip phone. I don't miss the flip at all, and may not go back to one when I get my upgrade in September.

    These are the phones I like right now:
    Blackberry Pearl
    LG CU515 - comes in some fun colors and is a flip phone, also plays music
    Pantech Duo - has a qwerty keyboard if you're big into texting
  12. I'm an AT&T girl too, and as far as phones go, IMO Samsung is the best. I've never had major problems with their phones like with others. I've had my current D307 for 2 years and am eligible for an upgrade, but I love it so much I'm not going to! My Samsung has a qwerty keyboard like the new Pantech and I can't live without it! It opens two ways-- flip style to talk, then laptop style to text. Anyway, I'd highly recommend a Samsung!

  13. I used to have a flip phone...the Razr Pink. I don't miss the flip at all. It was really starting to aggravate me and I was dying for a phone I could just look at and not have to "open" and just do everything without having to open and close it. The Blackberry Pearl is the most awesome phone!!!! Just my opinion, of course, lol!!
  15. Let us know what you get, cause some cell phones are drool worthy too ! :p