need opinions...

  1. so, guys.... i'm thinking of getting another speedy... but i'm torn between getting a mono 30, damier ebene 30, and a mono 35... what do you guys think?
  2. i have the damier 25 and LOVE it!!! i would say get the's more unique..not something you see everyday!
  3. Since you said you're thinking of getting another speedy... which ones do you already have?
  4. I think that 30 in the Damier is the way to go....even though I think that the Mono speedies looks the best as far as esthetics are concerned...but the Damie has that understated flair.....:p
  5. What speedies do you have now ?
  6. i have the Damier 25 and i love it. it's not as common as the Monogram, and it's so low-maintenance and classy-looking
  7. Damier Speedy 30. ;)
  8. i have the cerises and a mono 25, just sold my mc speedy...
  9. Definitely Damier :yes: ... get more Mono later.
  10. If you already have the mono design on other things, I'd go with the Damier. I love that style, and it always looks so rich and new.
  11. mono 30!!!
  12. i think the damier looks better in 25, and the mono in 30. they're both on my wishlist, so either one! :yes:
  13. I think the Damier 30 looks really great on people and it's nice that it's a little uncommon as well.
  14. damier! oh damier!
  15. I say definitely Damier too! Especially since both of your speedies are technically mono...