Need opinions!

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  1. I'm trying to decide between three bags, and other's opinions would be awesome.



  2. I like the first one, the Tiffany. My second choice would be the last one, the Margot I believe it's called.
  3. 1st,3rd,2nd
  4. :tup:
  5. 3rd definitely, then 1st and 2nd
  6. Love the style of the 1st one.
  7. I like #1 the best. Don't care for #3 at all (sorry!). I'm undecided on #2!
  8. I like the 3rd one cause of the color, the 2nd one cause of the style. and the 1st one is just ok.
  9. I like the 1st and 3rd one! :tup:
  10. Thanks everyone! I think I'll probably go with the Goldenbleu tiffany model (#1)...well that is if I don't stop myself from buying ANOTHER bag, haha.
  11. I agree 1st and 2nd I like!
  12. I like the 1st! The 3rd just pips the 2nd for me because of the colour, so I'd rank them as:

    1st, 3rd, 2nd.
  13. #1 ,#2 then #3
  14. #1, #3, then #2. Maybe you should add a poll to the post. Would make it easier to sort through the responses. Clutches are hot! Good luck!
  15. I'd go w/ the tiffany clutch! I wanted to buy some during goldenbleu's sale a few months ago, but all the colors i wanted sold out :sad: