Need Opinions!

  1. Ok so Ive been browsing eBay for awhile and I have a few bags tha I cant decide between. I keep staring at the screen thinking the right one will magically tell me that that is the one I should buy so if anyone could just give me their personal opinions on the bags that would really help to stop my annoying obsession!!
    These two are red because I think a nice bright color would be a good addition to my collection but I love these two brown ones at the same time

    Thanks for any help. I need to start moving on but I wont be able to until I decide!!
  2. I like both red options- the paddy and the b-bag. I think your personal style kind of dictates which one would work best for you. Me, I love the paddy the most. I'd make sure that whatever one you pick is authenticated though too!
  3. the b bag is authentic...



    if i have to choose i'll vote between the b-bag and the chanel.

    i love b bag, they are very down to earth but the chanel is tdf
  4. ^^^ Ditto! I would either go for Chanel or BBag. Personally, I would get more wear out of BBag - my life style is pretty casual - so I vote BBag.:yes:
  5. I think the Bbag has the best color of red to it.