Need Opinions!

  1. I bought an LV Love Tote about a month ago and have yet to use it. I am now really in love with the GiGi tote in the clay color! Do you think I should get the Gigi with the PCE and sell the LV tote? I really don't think I would ever use it and I really don't need 2 totes! Any opinions? Thanks! :smile:
  2. Hahaha. If the Coach forum is anything like the tokidoki forum, they will definitely encourage you to either keep the LV tote AND get the Gigi, or to sell the LV for the Gigi. Hahaha.

    I didn't know what the Gigi was so I looked it up last night and it's very nice! Especially in the clay color...
  3. If you don't think you will ever use your LV tote then you should definitely sell it and get the gigi.
  4. Thanks for the opinions! I am going to sell the LV and get the Gigi!!
  5. I don't know what the LV love tote is but if I were you and you aren't going to use it, if you haven't used it yet, return it.. you wont' lose money that way!!!
  6. Yes! Yes! Yes!!! Return the LV and get Clay Gigi!! I just bought Lily yesterday and just asked my husband about an hour ago if I could take advantage of PCE to also get Clay Gigi and he said YES!!! So when I go to p/u Lily at the store I'm getting Gigi as well!!! :yahoo: