Need opinions!

  1. Well, it's that time of year where i'm glued to the computer and am spending hours obsessing about bags- it's time to bring another one home!

    So far i have only 1 balenciaga- rouge theater twiggy. I'm planning to get the jaune twiggy in the fall.

    Otherwise i'm open to suggestions- i'm thinking i could use a black, or a caramel or even a sandstone first w/GH...i dunno... or maybe i could get something more colorful..

    My wardrobe is generally colorful- i wear lots of purples, pinks, reds, oranges, greens, browns.. w/jeans...

    any ideas?
  2. Oh my so many great bbag colors!! My favorite are
    Cafe, Aqua, and French Blue. Black of course is always classic. If you don't have a great brown bag yet I would get that first. Good luck and whatever you choose post pics so we can :drool: .
  3. i don't have a brown bal bag...but i have LVs...
  4. I don't think the first comes in giant, does it? Anyway, I think with red and a soon to be yellow, I'd get a neutral like sandstone city gh. I'm partial to the sandstone city...
  5. i like sandstone...what's the difference between sandstone and greige?

    other ideas?
  6. Greige doesn't come in gh either, which you may know already. The greige is more grey and the sandstone is more taupe. The sandstone also looks great irl with the gh.
  7. Here are some suggestions : either sandstone or natural for lighter colors, if not, black as a classic choice. Brighter colors will be aqua or FB....:smile:
  8. i think i'm now leaning towards a darker color day.

    I'm thinking anthracite, ink... or sapin(dark green)...

    i'm intrigued by anthracite... what's the difference between than and ink?
  9. ^I *think* the anthracite has grey/green undertones and the ink is more blue:confused1: But I'm not sure. The color is very confusing, it's hard to tell what colors are in there lol, but many ladies on here LOVE it.

    I agree that since you have the rouge and you're getting a yellow that I nice go-with-everything color is in order. I think sandstone & black are gorg.
  10. i would suggest something from caramel or camel, but in the darkest tone although NOT as dark as browns
  11. i've decided on a anthracite day and a sandstone city :smile: now the hunting begins!

    thanks for all your help and opinions :heart:
  12. I actually think Greige is one of the prettiest neutrals out there and it really varies from bag to bag- some are very grey, some are very beige. Just a gorgeous colour. Problem is, that would be quite a hunt as it's an '06 colour.
    Otherwise, with all of the bright colours in your wardrobe, I would vote Sandstone for a lighter bag, Cafe or Truffle for a brown, and Anthracite for a dark...

    Edit- I was typing as you apparently made your decision- good choices!!!