Need Opinions!!!

  1. I just bought this bag from the Lulu Guinness couture collection. I love it, but I'm going to Vegas on Wednesday and the 1k I spent might be better served at LV, Chanel, YSL, etc.

    I posted one from home and the rest are from her website. What do you think?
    lulu guinness.jpg



  2. I really like it, love the color too.
  3. Its nicely shaped but for $1K, I will get an LV or Chanel thats more classic :smile:
  4. I think its gorgeous! keep it !
  5. Lovely Color! are those supposed to be lipsticks on the zipper pulls?
  6. i checked out that ladies site the other day and after looking around there, i saw nothing that even remotely appealed to me. you could DEFINATELY get something classier and more timeless, but if i were still on the same warpath i started out on when i started collecting, i'd consider keeping it. if you love it (really REALLY like it? lol) then keep it. you may never see a bag by the designer you like again, and to me it would be a bummer not to have it after taking pictures and having it in your possession.

    my bottom line opinion is it's NICE!!! the color is vibrant and pretty, which to me says it can be used in different seasons, and it's shape isn't outragously different, ALMOST reminding me of the shape of a few Tod's i've seen. after seeing the stock pictures from the site, i like it more, and final vote is to keep it IF you love it :yes: lol.

    ETA: i love the cursive gold name on the bag too, and usually that kind of thing turns me off.
  7. The bag is cute and the colour is gorgeous, but maybe for 1K I'd buy something with a more original shape (with no offense).
  8. I always think the true test of if you should keep a bag or not is you LOVE LOVE LOVE it?

    If so, keep it.

    If not, return it and keep hunting.
  9. i think that a one HOT bag!
    but 1 k is kinda a lot for a lulu guinnes :p

  10. Lulu Guinness is one of my favorite desginers !!! This is one super-gorgeous bag !!! I love her cute little extras- like the lipstick zipper pulls. I have shoes AND bags from her, even an umbrella- everything is top notch !!
  11. BEEE-AUTIFUL! I LOVE red. :drool: It's gorgeous and such a unique shape!
  12. wow, i love everyone's response!! i never take offense to honest opinions and you all have been great!! god knows i don't want to be the girl on the street with whisperings, "that bag is heinous!!"

    i do love the bag, especially the classic shape with the lipstick zipper pulls and gold autograph (things i've never seen on a bag before).

    the continued problem :confused1: is that i don't have any ysl or chanel bags, yet. I love ysl and chanel. could i get a brand new leather bag for the same price?

    you all have been awesome!! thank-you

  13. yes! isn't that cute? and they are so gold and shiny in person and the exact size of a tube of lipstick!!
  14. I think it's gorgeous....and I also think it is a classic...classic shape and red is always classic. keep it!
  15. yes and those brands are amazing, but this is a very unique once-in-a-lifetime bag! you will always be able to find ysl and chanel, but will you be able to find this lovely and unique bag again?