Need opinions

  1. I sold a Coach bag for $115. This morning I get an e-mail saying the person's 12 year old daughter bid on and won the bag and she doesn't want to pay for it. What do I do? Do I ask her to pay for the eBay fees? File a complaint? Whay can't people have control of their kids? Do I leave her neg. FB so other people know? Help! :cursing:
  2. Id just give it to the next highest bidder and leave it at that
  3. Send the first bidder a mutually decided not to complete transaction IF you look at her bidding history and make sure everything else looks ok (make sure she didn't win the same bag from another seller).
  4. I have heard that excuse before, I am never convinced it is ture, however you can file the mutal agreement not to complete and you will get your fees back
  5. Thank you. I have filed a mutual agreement not to complete and offered it to the next bidder. I sent the person an e-mail and told her she better do something about her daughter. The next person might not be so understanding.
  6. yada yada, it's just buyer's remorse. I've got the same story before too.
  7. I guess it's one of those situations so familiar on eBay where you could fight it and insist on her contractual obligations etc, but where doing so would cost you a lot in effort and possibly profit if there is a willing second offer bidder in the background. How irritating though. Did she apologise?
  8. Actually, my younger sister has came into my room and bid on something using my eBay account, I bought it for her so it didn't matter lol, but it can happen :p
  9. No, she didn't apologize. Here is the exact e-mail:

    Hello my daughtar has bid this item and she is only 12 year old, so i don't like to pay for the iteam, so please can you do me this favor.

    Some people should not be allowed on eBay.

  10. Maybe I might let it go if I was in a good mood. However, if I were you, I'd block this buyer from bidding on my items in case her "daughter" might bid again...
  11. I have heard this excuse before as well...could be true, but I am thinking that it is the buyers remorse setting in.
  12. I left a neg for the "Guy" who did that to me right before Xmas. Took forever to get him to do the Mutual, etc. By then it was too late to relist in the XMas rush. He negged me back...