Need opinions...

  1. Which leather is better, on pt or on the city below?

    FB PT.JPG FB City Back resized.JPG
  2. wow! they are both gorgeous but i am liking the leather on the PT just a tad better.
  3. Wicked colour!
    I think that the veinier ones tend towards dryness, so I'm going to say the PT. Both stunning, though:yes:
  4. Hmm... does it mean it won't look good over time? The veiner one, I mean...
  5. Like the others have said, they're both amazing... but I'm leaning towards the PT too.
  6. Sigh... I really hate PT style, it's like a sausage. now what?
  7. Is that the best City they had? Also, was the front nicer? The front and back can look totally different!!
  8. There are other stores w/the french blue city/GH, too. If that is the style/color you want start calling around... unless you have a credit at BalNY.
  9. lol. i like how you put it as looking like a sausage, it made me lol. if you really hate the PT then go for the city. like i said, both of them are gorgeous.
  10. Oh, don't even consider getting a style you're not completely in love with!
    Even the veinier can condition them with Appleguard and they can turn out quite nice. There's a bag out there with your name on it...if you have to ask others' opinions on whether it looks good, my sense is that you're not "in love" with it. And for that much money, you should have no doubts at all, y'know?:smile:

  11. The front is a little better
  12. yep, in love with the color and GH, don't care for the length and the depth of the bag - too long and too wide. Basically, looks like a sausage and feels like a stuffed bear under my armpit. Have been having a really hard time getting used to it... Yet I want the same leather quality. I guess, I am gonna have to bite the bullet and get whatever is available.
  13. Then I would definitely go for the City. They're both stunning, you really can't lose... and I agree with stylefly-- the leather can soften up but the style will never change!
  14. Hmmm...hard to tell from pics...but I'm guessing the city....tho the veining on the PT is gorgeous!!!! wat to do...wat to do!
  15. The leathers appear very close to me. I agree with other comments - definitely do not get the PT if you don't like the look. BTW, I agree that the PT is a bit too long - at least it is for me.