Need opinions... would this be tacky of me?

  1. I had heard about this forum from some of the ladies on the eBay groups but just got around to joining here yesterday. I can tell this is going to be my favorite discussion community.

    Here's my question: I was looking at the 'for sale' forum and I have a few things I was planning to list on eBay- would it be tacky for me to list them there since I just joined? Or should I wait?

    I have a fendi black microfiber baguette, an Ebel gold and diamond watch, some suede Prada sandals, some BCBG sandals and also a pair of VS quality 1 carat diamond stud earrings (with appraisal!)

    I tend to "accumulate" too much and need to downsize every once in a while before my husband gets cranky.

    Should I wait to do this? I don't want to appear to be a tacky troll...but I love reading those threads where people sell to each other- I get weirdly attached to my "stuff" and it would make me feel better if it goes to a "friendly"- I used to drive my Mom nuts with keeping toys when I was a kid too. (I guess I read the Velveteen Rabbit too many times :P )

    (Be honest)
  2. I think you need a minimum amount of posts to sell something in the forum, I believe its stated in a sticky in the marketplace. But otherwise, not tacky at all.
  3. I can hear the crickets chirping in this thread. Oh lord. :cry:
  4. Hi Roo...welcome to the forum!!! I am new, as well, but I believe the rules read that before you can sell, you have to have 100 posts, and 1 month on the forum!!! Save that are already 1/3 of the way there in posts! It goes by before you know it!!:biggrin:
  5. not tacky at all since the marketplace is one of my favorite parts of the forum......i absolutely LOVE it when people list new things (sad i know....i have no life) hurry up and accumulate more posts (i think you need 75 and you need to have been around for a month.....but i could be wrong so please check the sticky :shame:smile: so i can see what you're selling :P
  6. This is good, thanks. I read the instructions in the selling area but missed the minimum number of posts required. I totally understand the rationale behind that.

    Thanks everyone for being so friendly!!
  7. Welcome by the way!:smile:
  8. ^^^I believe it is 100. Just keep chatting. hehe
  9. Well at this rate I'll be there tomorrow!! :love:
  10. Welcome!
    You're 40% there. :smile:
  11. Thanks everyone! Now if someone would tell me that I could put a for sale ad up for my husband's ex wife, then we'd have something :nuts: :P (I'd be more than happy to pay for SHIPPING!)

  12. LOL...that's a new one, hahahhhaha. What happens if the package gets lost in the mail, are you going to purchase insurance?? :amuse:

    I don't think it's tacky at all for you to post in the Marketplace, the Marketplace is what made me join in the first place! I've been lurking and reading the threads without being a member for a while, but then I saw a pair of 7 jeans that I just HAD to have, and thus joined just to purchase them. Of course, now I"m waaaaaay in over my head with purchases, lol!!!
  13. Roo, you're too funny! :lol: :lol:
    Welcome, and looking forward to your offers at the marketplace next month!
  14. :biggrin: :biggrin: Hi Roo, want to bet that you'd reach 100 posts before the end of this month? :biggrin: Has your name got anything to do with a kangaroo?
  15. Roo is a nickname I acquired as a child. Also I have some Brits in my family so they come up with some funny stuff.