Need opinions - what would you do?

  1. OK so I have the ENTIRE set of the plum belted ergo bag - I mean the matching wristlet, limited edition mini skinny ordered from Macys and even a nice matching scarf in pink tones. All unused still w/tags on them. I love the whole set, but something is keeping me from just breaking them all out and using them. Now I do love the Legacy line (even though I just exchanged my brown signature shoulder bag for a new Bleeker large flap because it just fit me more comfortably). Should I just take all the stuff back for a merchandise credit to use when more Legacy stuff comes out, or would you just use the whole plum set, and then when new stuff comes out, I'm sure I can talk my husband into getting me stuff from there for xmas! I've never taken back more than one item at a time, and in order for it to be worthwhile $$wise, Id have to take back several things. What do you think? Thanks for your opinions - I'm having a hard time w/this one!!
  2. Use them they are beautiful. I regret not getting them when I first saw them and now every store near me is sold out.
  3. Well, I'd keep one piece (your fave piece) and maybe return the rest so you can also have a Legacy piece. Have your cake and eat it too!;)
  4. Unfortunately for me its all or nothing!!! I either have to have the whole she-bang matching set or on to something else!! I was happy that they weren't in the outlet this past weekend, so I think they are pretty much sold out, which does add to the "keep them" side of the argument!
  5. I would keep them , that color is so pretty
  6. I would keep them as they are gorgeous pieces, but if you are not in love with them and would use them every day then that is money wasted IMO.
  7. I just bought the Brown Legacy Shoulder bag too and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, I too was going to get the Plum Medium ergo belted hobo but when I tried it on in the store it kept falling off my shoulder. There is another girl here who bought it, posted pics modeliing it and it looked really good, so naturally I thought I would like it too. I really like the way it looks with the gold belt but it was just not comforble on my shoulder.
    I originally bought the medium sig brown Carly and really like the way it looks but it was just too big for me. I had a hard time trying to find my stuff in there like my keys. It was like a bottom less pit for me.
    So it's really up to you on what you like, personally I LOVE the legacy bags. Well if your hubby's got the $$$ then I say be a very good girl and go back and get more for X-mas!!! :lol:
  8. for me, if i don't break something out and start using it right away i've learned that there's something else that i want just a little bit more...if you're not totally crazy about the items, then return them and get something you really, really love!
  9. I loved the plum color but never had the chance to grab one, but yeah if you are hesitatnt, then it seems like you want something more. If I were in your shoes i would keep one thing and return the rest.
  10. I agree...if I havent used it already then I would take it back. You might thank yourself in the end because I am sure there will be something you want more in the winter!
  11. I think that if youre even asking the question then it means that you dont really want to keep them. Otherwise you would be using everything and loving it and sending in modeling pics! Bring it back- youre obviously not in LOVE and you should be!
  12. I would keep them if you love them and get a Legacy piece in the future or if you don't love them, return them and get something you do love!!! It's not worth the money if you don't. ;)
  13. Thanks guys!!! When it comes to Coach bags, I tend to hoard my stuff waiting for a "special occasion" which I know is silly. I right now have the belted ergo set and the bleeker large flap set just sitting in their bags. I must stop buying things and just visiting them, not using them!
  14. Personally I like that bag but it depends on if you LOVE the set or not :sad: maybe you would be happier with somehing else? Maybe wear it around the house and walk in front of the mirror alot and see how you feel then?