Need opinions - What is the must have Spy color???

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  1. Hi ladies. I alread own a baby spy and love her dearly - Taupe/grey.

    I am wanting to get the full sized spy and will probably only get the one and move on to getting another Balenciaga after this one.

    So, for those of you with strong opinions or mulitple spys - what is the "must have" color. If I am to get one and only one?

    Thanks - pics to support your arguments would be appreciated :P
  2. I do not think you can say what is the "must have" colour as everyone has their own personal they are all so beautiful. People like the Petrol or Blueberry, then again theirs the cherry, or the Wisteria and so it goes your best bet is to have a look through the forum on Fendi and find a bag that you love. Lits reference guide is also a good place to look.....
  3. HMMMMMM.....just for the moment, I am a Petrol, chocolate, zucca tortuga sort of Fendigal :yahoo: But that could change at any time....
  4. I WOULD HAVE TO SAY BROWNNNNN dying for a brown spy :smile:
  5. voting for dark brown, it's TDF, just got mine about 10 days ago, will post pics soon. I had chosen her and noticed there's a small part that that the color ligthened on the back once I got home and immediately called my SA a few days later to ask and see if she had another dark brown for me to exchange, she said to stop by, to make a long story short, she only had one on display but of course I didn't want to choose that one over mine, she then went to proceed with inventory checking and found out some stores have dark brown in stores, anyway, she made me wait until she got some transferred for me to compare, I did go there yesterday, but to my surprise, I am still keeping mine since the ones that were transferred just not as beautiful as mine. Somehow they just have their own imperfectness. Audrey, my SA at NM Northpark advised me to rub a little bit of leather conditioning and see if it would help darkening the spot, I might just do so, anyway, I'm happy the be the proud owner of SPY bag:yahoo:
  6. The Spy is a beautiful bag, I have a Honey Spy that I've had for about 3 years, love the color, but if I were to choose another color, it would be dark brown or black, both look incredibly rich.
  7. Since you have the gray spy, I'd say go for a vibrant color not in the brown family (since the gray has so much brown in it already). If you're shooting for a neutral, you can't go wrong with the honey spy.
  8. I'd say any of the more rare seasonal colors (petrol, green, and cherry) are always in high demand and therefore carry higher resale value than the standby colors -- but you should get what you want!
  9. I have the blueberry spy, but I think I would use it more if it were black, since most my wardrobe is either black or revolves around black. If you are more casual, I would say the chocolate or zucca spy, they look so good with jeans and a tee.
  10. You should go for a Honey Spy!
  11. If you can find a more vibrant color, I'd go with that. Since you'll only be getting the one, you'll want it to be able to go with many outfits.
  12. I like the blueberry and the tribal. The blueberry has a deep purplish look to it in the sunlight. The tribal is different and I like the neutral color combination. Good luck on your hunt!
  13. I, personally, am hoping to find a CHERRY Spy!!! I still lust after the Petrol ( :drool: ) and love Love LOVE the Green! I'd settle for a Pomagranate Spy, tho! I'd die to get my hands on any one of them! Like others have said, I say go for the brighter seasonal colors!
  14. I own a first-season Cognac spy, and that has always been the "quintessential" spy color to me.
  15. Zucca Tortuga!!! :smile: